Yuna Talks On Being A Minority & Her Forever BFF, Adam Sinclair

Home girl singer-songwriter turned international star, Yuna just dropped her latest song, “Forevermore” on 4th April and we’re loving the music video. Directed by her husband,  Adam Sinclair, he cleverly showcased Yuna’s essence and identity as a proud Malaysian in the  music video. It’s been two long years since Yuna released her album, so we’re really excited for the new song!

It amazes us, how Yuna has become an idol and inspiration to many out there who finds comfort in her music all over the world. As we all know, the entertainment industry can be a harsh industry to break into and Yuna has defied all odds by making her name known globally. Who can forget her hit song, Crush featuring Usher!

Wanting to know more on her journey to stardom, Likely got the chance to get up close and personal with the amazing Yuna.

1.  How do you put yourself on the international stage as a minority?

YUNA: I don’t really think about too much. A lot of people like, “Oh, I’m a minority…this and that…” So what? Just be yourself! When I do something, I don’t really care about trying to look cool or be part of a group. I just do whatever I like. That has been a part of who I am… I don’t really see how I have that label. Sometimes I do get that kind of treatment. But so what, I’m here to do my thing and work really hard. You just have to be positive no matter what happens.

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What my whole year of 2018 looked like. I love you @adamyousofunny even when you’re sitting across the table from me right now doing work on your macbook Im transported back to this crazy day. It transformed me into this new person that I am today and i gotta say i love it. Byebye 2018! Hope you guys had a beautiful year too❤️

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2. We heard that your husband is your best friend. How did he end up becoming your forever best friend?

YUNA: Ooooh! My husband is my bestie! It’s really crazy how I ended up marrying my best friend because he really was someone that I talk to every single day before I go to sleep. It’s been like for four years since we’ve been together. Every single day, we never fail to update each other. I’m really lucky to be able find my soulmate. We support and understand what we want from life.

Even for me, in the longest time, I’ve always felt, I’m in this alone and he makes me feel like “no, you’re not in this alone, I’m always in this with you”. It’s kind of nice to have a partner in crime and also someone to bully! Like “you do this and this..” But I love my husband and he’s amazing!

3. What inspires you to create Forevermore?

YUNA: I was working on a lot of songs for my new album. Everything sounds very pop and R&B – very American. I wanted to bring a little bit of the Malaysian influence into my music. Forevermore was based on a ‘syair’ (a type of poetry) melody that I had in my mind for the longest time and I wanted experiment with that.

4. As a jet setter, how do you take care of your skin? 

YUNA: I don’t really have a skincare routine but if there’s a tip, drink a lot of water. Also avoid fried food, wash your face before sleep, moisturise and sunscreen. Oh, that’s a lot!

5. Do you have any messages for women who wants to go beyond their comfort zone? 

YUNA: The thing about being a woman is that we care too much about what people say and it’s fine. But the trick to really be able to do what you want to do and be in fully control of yourself is just not care about what people say. Block it out and just go for it!

Watch the full interview with Yuna and Likely right here.