YSL Condoms & Other Luxury Sex Stuff You’re Missing Out On

Sex is all about pleasure, love and having a good time.

But wouldn’t you have a better time with these luxury sex stuff? Some of them are worth over RM5 million!

Whether you’re into bejewelled vibrators or not, here are some pretty expensive pleasurable stuff that you need to splurge on if you can afford it!

1. YSL Condoms

The luxury fashion brand made it’s mark in the sex world when they launched luxury condoms. The Saint Laurent condom comes in gold packaging and is adorned with the brand’s signature.

Of course, people are more than pleased to collect luxury condoms in case of a sexy emergency.

These YSL condoms retail for €2 (RM 10), which is pretty affordable so at least here’s one thing we can all have in our closet.

2. RM5.4 mil luxury vibrator

Image via Forbes

This luxury vibrator is called The Pearl Royale and it’s fit for a queen. Created by Australian jeweller Colin Burn, the vibrator is crafted with solid platinum, over 1000 pink and white diamonds, blue sapphires and South Sea pearls. Pleasure, but make it fashion. It has a special crown-shaped top and is made-to-order only.

3. Gucci Handcuffs

You may be familiar with cuffing season already, but these rare Gucci handcuffs designed by Tom Ford certainly has a spot in your bedroom… if you can afford it. These silver-plated handcuffs retails for RM265,167. Bring out the luxe handcuffs, people, because if we’re playing BDSM, it better be worth it!

Gucci has faced some controversy lately about their fashion show, which displayed mental illness in a rather insensitive way. Read more about it.

4. RM60k 24-karat gold plated vibrator

Gwyneth Paltrow is the founder of lifestyle brand Goop, and they have taken vibrators to a whole new level, though admittedly not bejewelled. The Inez massager is made for women who demand the ultimate in luxurious indulgence. It could just sit nicely by your bedside if you feel like it’s too expensive to be used for sexy purposes!