YouTube Is Doing A Verification Purge & YouTubers Are Freaking Out

Major changes are happening in the social media world. For the better or the worst – for some at least. ICYMI, Instagram is implementing a new policy that will block or remove contents that promotes weight-loss or cosmetic procedures to its younger users – specifically under 18 years old.

Now, YouTube just dropped some major bomb news. On 20th Sept, YouTube announced on Twitter that they will be changing its verification requirements in October. This means that some of the users will be unverified and content creators are freaking out!

YouTube explained, “Our new criteria prioritizes verifying prominent channels that have a clear need for proof of authenticity,” adding that the verification requirements included “authenticity and “prominence”.

Source: YouTube

Popular YouTubers have since voiced out their disapproval over YouTube’s big move. James Charles felt it was pointless and hopes that the verification badge doesn’t discourage any creators.

Manny MUA agreed with James, adding that this may just divide the YouTubers unity!

Well, there were a lot of disagreements to YouTube’s new direction.

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