You’re Lucky If You Have The Beauty Gene (Yes, It Exists!)

It’s no surprise that pretty people have it easier. They get compliments, free passes, even job opportunities… just by being pretty. While we can’t deny that hard work plays a big role in someone’s success, being pretty is an added advantage. Why do you think South Korean girls get cosmetic surgery as a 16th birthday present from their parents? Even their parents know that being pretty will guarantee them a better life.

Research shows that people who are perceived to be physically attractive are thought of having positive traits and personalities. In fact, if they commit a crime, they’re could have their bail set at a lower amount and be viewed less harshly than their less attractive peers.

China’s ‘Most Beautiful Criminal’ Wanted By The Police

Anyway, if you’re pretty, you could thank your parents for that, because scientists have uncovered the secrets behind the ‘beauty gene’ that has peaked everyone’s curiosity for decades.

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What is the beauty gene?

Actually, there is no one master gene that determines one’s attractiveness. It’s made up of a handful of genes and their respective components. In women,  the genetic variation that determines facial attractiveness is linked to the genes that affect body mass, and one’s weight and height.

In males, the pretty gene is linked to the components that affect blood cholesterol levels, which plays a role in the synthesis of testosterone and steroid hormones. The genetic components that make up a person’s attractiveness is consistently different for both sexes. That means if you’re a woman, the genes that affect blood cholesterol levels would not affect your physical appearance.

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Do all babies look the same?

A study showed that babies who were more attractive would likely receive more care and attention from their caregivers than less attractive babies. So far, we haven’t yet found ways to manipulate our genes to produce designer babies, thank goodness.

For now, environmental factors like stress, smoking and diet can change the outcome of our physical appearance. Cultural influences also have an impact on what we perceive as “beautiful.” What is attractive now may not be so beautiful in the next hundred years or so.

Being beautiful has it’s perks of course. That’s why we seek to be beautiful every day – not just for others to perceive us as better-looking, but attractive people tend to have more self-confidence, higher self esteem, and think more positive thoughts. Perhaps we need to work on those first; like self-confidence, self-esteem and positive thoughts, so we can radiate attractiveness from within, and not just be pretty for the sake of it.