Your Period Tracker App May Be Sharing Your Personal Data To Facebook

Ladies, pretty sure most of you have at least used a period tracker app to track your menstrual cycle, right? Ready for this – It may have been tracking something else too, your data!

According to information obtained by BuzzFeed News from UK-based advocacy group Privacy International, period tracker apps such as MIA Fem and Maya, are sending personal informations about women’s health and sexual practices to Facebook.

This includes the use of contraception, their monthly cycles and even period symptoms like swelling and cramps. What even? Our accounts aren’t even connected!

How on earth did this happen? 

Using Facebook’s Software Development Kit (SDK), it helps app developers to incorporate particular features and also collects user data. Hence, data sharing occurs when Facebook shows them targeted ads and other functions.

When you log in personal information into the app, guess what, that information may also be sent out to Facebook via SDK. So much for data protection!

The report states, “When Maya asks you to enter how you feel and offers suggestions of symptoms you might have — suggestions like blood pressure, swelling or acne — one would hope this data would be treated with extra care,” the report said. “But no, that information is shared with Facebook.” Basically, that’s how advertisers target their markets!

This is pretty scary! Would you still use period tracker apps after knowing this?