Your Late-Night Thoughts Are The Reason You’re Gaining Weight

Let’s be real, how many of us actually sleep on time? It’s so hard to have a good night sleep as an adult, remember all those nights you stayed up scrolling through Facebook? YEAHHH.

BTW if you’ve always wondered why you’ve been gaining weight, it’s all thanks to your late-night thoughts!

Poor sleep can increase the risk of obesity 

According to a new study, just having four nights of bad quality sleep can change the way your body stores fat and increases the risk of obesity.

Sleep-deprived participants felt less satisfied after eating a high-calorie meal than having it when they were well-rested. The participants had no more than five hours of sleep for four nights consecutively and ate high-fat, calorie-dense dinner of chili and pasta.

Our body absorbs fat easily when we’re sleep-deprived 

Researchers then found that eating rich meals while lack of sleep led to higher levels of insulin in the body and faster clearance of lipids or fats from the meal. Which meant that our body feeds on fats easily at this point! The fat is then stored in the body which leads to weight gain. Oh no!

Here’s what you can do for a better good night sleep: 

  • Supper is a bad call! Try not to eat anything after 8 pm or a couple of hours before sleep.
  • Put down your phone before bedtime. Scrolling while you’re in bed will just keep you awake.
  • Do light exercises to make your body tired before sleep.