Your Best Guide To Have A Spa-Like Bath At Home

Writer: Yeu-Gynn

A bath is the luxury of a “me-time” that many of us would want to enjoy. Who wouldn’t love soaking in steaming tub of hot water filled with pink bubbles and surrounded by the aroma of scented candles? You may not be a crazy, rich Asian, but you can always bathe like one.

An essential you’ll need is a bathtub – if you don’t have one, remember to book a hotel room with one the next time you’re on a vacation. Whether you’re an advocate for bathing akin to a religious experience or simply a need-to-do basis, we’ve got some DIY tips to spoil yourself silly in the bathtub.

1. Level up your bath game with bath bombs

Bath bombs are such badass creations – they’re packed densely with colourants, essential oils, and bath salts. You can get these at any bath or beauty store near you. Just drop these bombs in a bathtub filled with hot or warm water and watch it turn into a psychedelic blend of colours. The process is fascinating.

2. Add bath salts

Salt baths have been known to relieve muscle aches & pains. It wouldn’t hurt to pamper yourself like a tai tai once in a while – plus who doesn’t love a salt bath? They’re safe for your skin, and they give an illusion of soaking in the sea. Find bath salts at your nearest Watsons store or purchase them online for a sensual bath experience.

3. Soothe your worries with essential oils

Essential oils work wonders in baths. Just add one or two drops of rosehip or lavender oil and the whole bathroom immediately smells like herbs and flowers. Plus, they moisturize your skin so well. It’s pretty tough to remember to moisturize our elbows, knees and the bottom of our feet. An essential oil bath would be such a fun and easy way to do this.

4. Feeling fancy? Immerse yourself in a flower bath

Flowers are key factors to boost mental health and bring good memories. Gather some organically-grown flowers and scatter them in the water during your next bath. Reminisce over your first love, first date – hey, only the good moments! When you need an Instagrammable me-time, gorgeous flower baths are the way to go. Just remember to source organically-grown flowers for this purpose as blooms with chemical pesticides will irritate your skin.

5. The bubble bath never gets old!

Get a bottle (or two) of bath foam and you’ll never see the end of a bath. Bubble baths are just so much fun and they never go out of style. Just run the bathtub with warm water, pour in your bath foam, and prepare for a super chill bath time. Also, bubble baths are only fun when the water is warm – just sayin’.

6. Mask up!

Let your skin absorb some shea butter or aloe vera goodness from a sheet mask while you soak in the bath – what a way to multitask. Alternatively, apply a clay mask before soaking yourself in the bath to tackle any skin-related issues. Wash off your clay mask after 15 to 20 minutes – and not longer than that, Say hello to a new (and better-looking) you.

7. Jazz up the ambience with some scented candles and relaxing music

Scented candles are like ultimate expression of zen. Light up a few floral or fruity scented candles at the corner of your bathroom. Let the aroma wash over you as you step into your moment of quietness. Choose a relaxing playlist from Spotify and let it lull you to a world of relaxation. Honestly, bathing in a room of scented candles and lullaby tunes is the occasional luxury we all desire.

8. Wrap yourself up in a cosy bathrobe

For some, the bathrobe is the epitome of ultimate affluence. It’s never wrong to pamper yourself once in a while. After the most luxurious bath you’ve ever had, wrap yourself up in a bathrobe and a cute pair of bedroom slippers as you prepare for a night of cosy splendour.

Now that you’ve read this – don’t forget to share your best DIY bath experience with us in the comments below!