You May Not Need More Beach Vacays, But Your Brain Does

Apparently, your brain needs a beach vacation more than you do (boss, if you’re reading this… hint hint).

Sure, you may bathe yourself in the blissful oblivion of sun, sand and sea, but a vacation at the beach is so much more than just bliss. It has great mental and physical health benefits too.

A study has found that the beach decreases our anxiety levels caused by living in the city. Hey, commute can get pretty stressful! This study also cites the sense of calm by listening to the ocean’s waves and being away from technology. Looks like we can’t simply search for “ocean sounds” on our music streaming apps.

How does the beach benefit your brain?

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According to Dr. Heidi Hanna, a neuroscientist, your brain will take a few hours to process the benefits that a vacation at the beach has to offer. That means we gotta stay longer than a day trip!

Vitamin D from sunshine helps to lift our mood and energy levels all the way up to paradise. Plus, a beach vacay can help decrease depression.

There’s also a science behind being barefoot at the beach. It allows us to be carefree and closer to nature, which can boost your feel-good mood. Meanwhile, the sound of the ocean will decrease blood pressu

Can you at least try to get the “beach brain” benefits… without going to the beach?

Well, let’s face it. Although we may be tempted to move to the beach, it’s simply not realistic for all of us to live there yet. But apparently, you can get a bit of the “beach brain” without actually going on vacation

1. Mix essential oils through a diffuser to create your own “beach blend”

2. Listen to the sounds of the ocean through your music-streaming app

3. Run a bubble bath with bath salts

So, if you’re choosing between a holiday in Winter Wonderland (which is perfectly cool!) and a vacation at the hottest beach near you, perhaps you should go for the latter, because it’s better for your brain.