You Can Go From Being Single To Having A Family In Just Four Years

When you’re dating someone, and so deeply in love, you tend to feel like you can’t ever spend enough time together.

Soon enough, you’ll be married to the love of your life, but we haven’t answered the great question yet.

What’s the average relationship timeline? Well, according to a study, couples take five months of being together to really know they’re with “The One.” You’d think it’d be six months, but that’s not always the case.

Most couples say “I love you” after 144 days of dating




As couples fall deeply in love with each other, the three magic words come into play. “I love you,” they say after 144 days of being together or an average of five months. But it doesn’t matter when you say “I love you,” what matters is that it feels right when you say it. When did you say “I love you”? Let us know in the comments.

… but it only takes two weeks for them to start making love

You don’t say? 27% of couples wait about two weeks before having sex, 23% would wait a month and presumably another 50% would wait even less or more than that. There is no right time to do it, though. Sex just happens, right? And here’s how you can do it quietly if you happen to live with other people.

After 157 days, couples make it Facebook official

After couples have said ILY, it’s time to make it official on Facebook, where they’d change their relationship status to “In a relationship with X” much to the congratulations of others.

743 days later, couples get engaged

After a little more than two years of dating, your man will probably pop the question and ask you to marry him. Before that, you’d probably go on vacation together. Milestones!

One year later, they get married and have a baby a year later

So you can go from being single to getting married and being with a whole new family in just one year. According to some statistics, of course. There is no right or wrong way to go through your relationship journey, though. Write your own love story, we’d love to read it!