You Being Late Is Actually A Good Habit

We’ve often been told growing up, that to be a successful person, we should always be punctual in life. It is one of the core foundation of successful people. Hence why in schools, we’re taught to arrive on time and if not, we would be punished.

Yet we’re still always late to almost every date and events. Well, if you’re that person who is always running late, we’ve got good news for you. Studies have revealed that people who are bad at punctuality has a higher chance at becoming more successful and live longer.

More creative 

According to a psychology professor at the San Diego State University, his research found that the minds of those who runs late are free from time restraints. This leaves more space for creative thinking.

Optimistic in life 

Besides that, late people tend to be more optimistic. In another research done by the Harvard Medical School concluded that those who maintain a positive attitude early on in life, it helps set a strong foundation for better health and lower the death rates in the next 15 to 40 years of their lives.


If that’s not convincing enough, Dr. Linda Sapadin, a time management specialist with the American Psychological Association says latecomers is a sign of perfectionism. This shows that they can’t move on to the next task or appointment until they’ve completed their existing errands.

So friends, who’s always running late, this is your perfect comeback if you get teased for being late all the time.