Subconsciously, You May Be Attracted To Someone Who Looks Like Your Parents

Just like how ants are attracted to sweets, the same goes to us when it comes to the people that we find interesting enough to go on a date with.

In most cases, we usually have a specific type of feature that we will seek in a partner, but the question is: what makes us attracted to a person? Is it the way they smile, skin colour, how they smell.. or is it their personalities?

Lucky for you, we have the answer that will help you solve this mind-boggling issue. Science says that there are some factors that could trigger our interest in another person where in most cases, you might not even know which particular characteristics. 

Happy and Proud Facial Expression

Research shows that men are likely more attracted to women who exerts happiness on their face, especially women who smiles often and have happy eyes. Meanwhile, women are more into men with proud faces.

According to Jessica Tracy, a University of British Columbia psychology professor who directed the study said, men who smiled were considered fairly unattractive by women which was completely opposite to men, as they preferred women who smiled more.

When Your Body Does the Talking

Back in 2016, scientists found that both men and women preferred partners who have active body languages. This was concluded after observing a group of people during speed dating. To which, the respondents wanted to see their dates who’ve had active body language like having eye-contact and leaning in close when talking. Exerting the correct body language makes you a better active listener. It also makes you seem more open and receptive to what the other is saying. Besides, it is also an indication that you are paying attention to them.

Not only that, both gender also considered people who were captured in motion like showing outstretched arms and legs in photos had a slight advantage as compared to someone who were photographed still like crossing their arms. (This could be a cool photo tip for you).

Someone Who Has Similarities with Your Parents

Oh yeah! Big shocker here, but scientists have found that women are more attracted to men with the same physical features as their fathers. As for men, they’re usually attracted to women who look similar to their mothers. The research also investigated that hair is also one of the similar characteristics to their parental traits. On an unconscious level, it is only normal that we are drawn towards the familiar because we would feel more compatible.

Hair Type
According to science, men are into women with long hair, following a theory based on evolution. It explains that if a woman has long hair, she is probably healthy enough to raise a child. However, for women, it depends more on their personal taste and preference as to whether they prefer men with long or short hair — or none at all.

Pets Are Attractive

Israeli scientists had men participate in an experiment, whereby they were asked to add in descriptions about themselves. The variable? Some of the men had dogs described in their description while others didn’t.

The conclusion from the experiment found that women are more attracted to men who have dogs, as it signals that a man is serious and ready to be in a long-term relationship. But for men, it doesn’t really matter whether the women own any pets.

Complicated Music is Appealing

Because women are complicated, we’re also into complicated music. In 2014, a research was done to find out which of the songs choices, from simple to complicated sounds, seemed most attractive.

The difficulty level was determined by the number of chords used in a song. With 1,500 women participating in the experiment, they’ve said that they would pick men who’ve composed the complicated songs.  Does this mean, women likes men who are complicated? Perhaps, we’re just into men with deeper feelings.

Equal Level of Attractiveness

You are attracted to someone who are just as attractive as you are. We often think that in a couple, one is usually more attractive than the other, but according to science, both men and women are more prone to choose a partner who is attractive as they are.

Although, there is always a rule of exception, beçause you know what they say — beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.


A characteristic that attracts both women and men is having altruistic behaviour. Scientists believe this a genetic feature in which altruistic behaviour is an indication that a person can be a caring parent and is most likely to pass their genes to future generations.

Shoe Size Matters

Small shoe size attracts men because men are interested to look at smaller partners. However, women don’t really mind with size as they like both men with big shoe sizes and smaller sizes too.