Jeffree Star’s Old Tweets Resurfaced Following The James Charles Drama

Although we love sipping on tea spilled by beauty gurus, perhaps we should look at different perspectives of the story before stanning or dragging someone.

Since his latest comment that James Charles is a “danger to society,” people have been digging up Jeffree Star’s old tweets and it does not look good for the beauty guru and cosmetics entrepreneur.

A video of him purposefully touching another man’s genitalia also resurfaced on Twitter, and we advise you to watch at your discretion.

The beauty mogul has apparently deleted these tweets, but the quoted tweets from 2010 are still present.

James Charles was accused of predatory behaviour by trying to manipulate straight guys into being gay, but it seems like Jeffree Star had done the same when he was once a budding beauty guru. At the moment, people are cancelling both Jeffree and James from the beauty guru world.

However, some people have pointed out that Jeffree’s tweets were from nine or ten years ago. He may not be the same person now as he was before.

Jeffree isn’t new to beauty guru drama. In August 2018, he was involved in another gripping beauty guru drama together with (not so) fellow YouTubers Manny MUA, Laura Lee, Nikita Dragun and Gabriel Zamora.

After their friendship with Jeffree fell apart, the latter four had tried to dig up Jeffree’s old, racist tweets but their plan backfired when the public began to dig up their old, racist and offensive tweets as well. Manny, Laura, Nikita and Gabriel released apology videos of their own, but their subscriber count has dropped because people viewed their move as “petty.”

Jeffree has apologized for his behaviour in the past and appears to be very open to making mistakes and admitting them in his videos.

“I know who I am today, but I do not know who that person was.”

At present, Jeffree is currently dating his long-time boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. Jeffree has not commented on the current issue involving his old tweets. We’re interested to hear what he has to say, and we’ll update accordingly.

What do you think? Were we too quick to judge James Charles? What should beauty gurus and celebrities do to avoid these scandals? Let us know what you think in the comments below.