Yes! Here’s How You Can Get That Blue Tick On Instagram

That glorious blue tick right beside our name on Instagram is something we all dream of. You know you’ve made it on the ‘gram if your profile gets verified.

It’s also to prove that yours isn’t a fake account. It’s usually meant for someone with a huge following, popular or important public figures – it’s basically a badge of honour!

person using black smartphone

But now, you can too! Here’s how you can get your profile verified on Instagram.

Source: Instagram

Step 1: Your account must comply with Instagram’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Instagram will require the account username, the applicant’s full name and a copy of the person’s legal/business identification.

The account’s verification requests will be reviewed in terms of authenticity, uniqueness, completeness and notability of each account.

Step 2: Request for verification. Go to “Profile”, tap the menu icon, select “Settings” and choose “Request Verification”.

Source: Instagram

Step 3: That’s it! Now you wait for Instagram’s verification on your profile whether it’s confirmed on denied, via a notification.

BRB, getting my profile verified!