#WTFLIKELY: Mercury Retrograde?

Okay, hear me out – The planets and their alignment don’t dictate how we’re supposed to feel.


BUT – They definitely can influence our energies.


Now, Mercury Retrograde happens three times a year – THREE. What’s basically happening is that Mercury, the closest planet to the sun, is spinning backwards.


Well, it’s not really spinning backwards. As Mercury makes its way through its orbit, it starts to slow down thus causing an illusion similar to two trains passing each other, with one at a slower speed – it looks like the slower one is going backwards (retrograde). Why does this cause funky events? Astrologists believe that Mercury, which rules over technology, travel and communication, causes muddled thinking, miscommunication and scheduling issues – yikes.



So if you’ve been feeling funky these past few weeks, it could be because of Mercury Retrograde. Let me break it down for you –


February 17 – March 10: in Pisces and Aquarius 

If you’re a fan of astrology, you know what this means – emotions, emotions and, surprise, more emotions! The first Retrograde brings about mistrust, confusion and a whole lot of feelings. You might find yourself overthinking your every decision and action, placing mistrust in yourself and the situations that you find yourself in. You might find yourself losing patience over miscommunication or mistakes that might happen. Avoid sharing unconfirmed information (What, more fake news?) or rant on social media platforms – trust me, you’ll want to – so breathe, prepare yourself and be flexible about your plans, time and feelings.


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It’s not all bad, though! Pisces, being a creative and compassionate sign, will see an increase in these attributes.  So…




Hold on to your seats, that’s not all! Here’s when we can expect sh*t to hit the fan again – 

June 18 – July 12: in Cancer 

The Cancer sign is a homebody; its roots are planted firmly in family and “home”. Because of this, the Second Retrograde is the best time to plan reunions with family and loved ones. However, as you well know, it’s not always fun and games when the whole family gets together. Be prepared to experience possible breakdowns in communication, flared tempers, annoying questions and all-out conflict. This is the time when the past might come back to try to reconnect (yes, we’re talking about exs’) but keep in mind – some connections are worth bringing back and some are in the past for a reason.



Instead, renew old commitments and avoid making new ones. Heck, why not add “re” to everything – restart, reorganise, revamp, reconnect, rediscover.



October 14 – November 3: in Scorpio and Libra

Just when you think it’s okay to relax, BOOM, it’s another slow spin that’s going to have you jumping to conclusions more often than not. Be prepared to experience random, explosive boldness as you manifest more agitation and sarcasm than you normally would. In this time, introspection will be deep and can also be harmful if you turn that agitation and sarcasm inwards. Use constructive criticism in this time, focusing on betterment rather than nitpicking. Make sure to forgive and forget the unresolved issues of the past – it’s time to let it go.


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Mercurio empezó a retrogradar ayer, 16 de febrero, en #Piscis hasta el 10 de marzo, llevándonos hacia adentro, hacia nuestro mar de emociones, a conectarnos y comunicarnos desde otros lenguajes. La palabra va a sobrar durante este tránsito o puede ser confusa. El intercambio debe ser muy atento, cuidadoso y sentido, de lo contrario puede traernos malos entendidos. Es un excelente momento para: 💦 Sumergirte en alguna actividad artística que te lleve a expresar tu inconsciente: escritura, dibujo, música, pintura, manualidades. 💦 Dedicar unos minutos al día a meditar. Vas a encontrar una fuente de inspiración única. Disfruta este tránsito. . . . . . #astrologia #mercurio #astrology #mercuryretrograde #universe

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Don’t freak out; here are a few simple things to survive the Triple Retrograde:

Just because Mercury decided to slow down, why should you?


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