Would You Leave Conditioner In Your Hair For A Day?

Written by: Yeu-Gynn Yeung

Apparently, the secret to lustrous locks is to leave conditioner in your hair for a whole day. We’re not talking about leave-in conditioners, we’re referring to actual hair conditioners. The ones that go on after shampoo, really deep-condition your hair, and leave it soft and silky… until it’s washed off that is.

Don’t you ever feel that a conditioner’s soft & silky effect goes away within a few hours after you blow-dry your hair? When you want it’s effect to last a whole day, you need to do more than just the regular wash-and-rinse routine. In these few paragraphs, we’ll give you the low-down on how you can deep-condition your hair for a whole day and wake up with soft, lustrous locks. If you’re a babe with frustratingly dry hair or unable to schedule in a proper session of deep-conditioning once a week, this is the solution for you to achieve your #HairGoals.

How does it work?

A whole day of deep-conditioning can do your hair a world of good. Conditioners are made of moisturizing agents, emollients, silicones and oils to nourish one’s hair. Some of the moisture is stripped from your hair when shampooing, and conditioner helps to replenish that too.

To maximize its benefits, we suggest you flagrantly rebel against the instructions stuck to your conditioner (and what you’ve been taught your whole life). Conditioners also tend to smoothen your hair and add some shine to it. If you don’t believe me, apply conditioner to half your hair and comb it out. See the difference with the other half.

Why should you do it?

First of all, who doesn’t want lustrous hair? Second of all, your hair will smell wonderfully fragrant (depending on your conditioner’s scent) and clean all day long. Your hair will be softer and silkier day by day, after 12 to 24 hours of deep-conditioning treatment. Plus, you don’t have to sleep through the night with damp hair – honestly, who wants to, especially when you’re already sleeping in layers of skincare products?

This works for girls with all sorts of hair textures. Whether you’ve got shampoo-ad straight hair or wild Merida-like curls, this hair conditioning would work for you. Also, you’ll look pretty sophisticated if you style it right, and we’ll tell you how in a bit.

How to do it right?

Wake up, dampen your hair with water and take a conservative palmful of conditioner. Too much can leave your hair with unsightly white streaks. Apply conditioner to your hair like how you would apply hair serum. Keep your conditioner only to the ends of your hair to avoid greasiness at the roots. Brush your hair with a hairbrush to distribute your hair conditioner evenly. This should take about 3 to 5 minutes of your time.

Then, at night, wash your hair as you normally would to rinse the conditioner out. Condition your hair and rinse it out as usual to replenish the moisture lost when shampooing. You’ll find that your hair is much more soft and silky to touch. Do this once or twice a week for lustrous hair every day.

How to style conditioned hair?

Believe it or not, it’s pretty easy to work with conditioned hair. If you’re good with leaving your hair as it is, go ahead. Alternatively, you may part your hair into two braids – either Kylie Jenner’s festival braids or French braids for a more sophisticated look. If you’re going for the simple and slicked-back hairstyle, tie your hair up into a ponytail or a bun. But if you’re looking to get soft curls for the next day, twist your hair up into two little buns and curl your hair the no-heat way.

P/S: You can also use this method before you go to sleep, and wake up with bouncy curls! Trust me, no-one will notice that you’ve got conditioner in your hair. You’ll look sophisticated – like you actually styled your hair this morning.

Do yourself and your hair a favour. Life’s too short to suffer with dry hair, babygirl! Wake up, condition your hair and walk out the door for a fab day ahead. So, now that you know this – would you leave conditioner in your hair for the day?