Would You Buy Heels That Look Just Like Your Skin?

Writer: Farah Karim

Before we go into this, no, these heels were not made of actual human skin — but they do convincingly look like one.

Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran, the cutting edge fashion duo from Fecal Matter are known for their out of this world and almost scary alien-like creations. This includes their ‘Skin Heels’ that are making people’s heads turn and make them go “Whaaat?!”

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The Skin Heel

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Those thigh-high silicon footwear are basically boots that resembles your feet but with built-in heels. They have little hairs, moles and uneven skin tone that looks like Hannah Rose Dalton’s own skin. What’s more, they also have little horns sticking out at the back and very real looking human toes.

According to Fecal Matter, they believe that these pair of shoes are a physical incarnation of what humans might look like as a result of social media ideals and body modification. Hmmm..

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See you tonight NYC

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If you wanna strut the heels out in public, just know that they cost a whooping $10,000 (RM40,999)! Although, the duo are planning to make a cheaper and more accessible version of it. For now, they’re just too expensive due to the customisation that needs to be done to every pair — as they need to be molded according to its wearer. Thus, warranting its hefty price.

Consider the unique heels as custom art pieces. The concept is definitely one of a kind and you won’t find anyone else wearing them. Do you think it’s something that people will eventually wear in the future or is it just too bizarre? Let us know below!