Would You Be Furious If Someone Copies Your Tweet?

Last week, Twitter user Cik Bedah pointed out discrepancies in certain people who try to achieve fame via Twitter.

Some people have resorted to copying tweets, and unfortunately, it’s been happening since Twitter started.

The platform has yet to introduce an anti-plagiarism function, and perhaps they rely on your good discretion to identify copied tweets from original ones.

Take a look at another incident of a tweet being copied, just hours away from the original:

Some may think it’s not that big of a deal, anyway, it’s just social media. Legally, there are no implications of copying someone else’s tweet, but things could get ugly if you get called out.

Retweets and likes don’t last forever, and they stop coming in eventually. Just like the ‘likes’ on Instagram, people get a feeling of sheer validation from retweets on Twitter. Beyond the feeling though, there are people who craft original tweets without realizing the impact. A tweet can make someone happy, a tweet can motivate, and a tweet can be many other things besides just words.

Copying and pasting a tweet is a lot more effort than just quoting or retweeting it. The retweet button is there for a reason. As a Twitter user and blogger Prasad Naik mentioned in an interview, “Twitter doesn’t have any copyright laws as such but that doesn’t mean a tweet isn’t someone’s intellectual property. It’s like a painting, or a poem, or a song.”

If you are inspired by someone else’s Tweet, it’s pretty easy to quote the original Tweet or add a comment below to credit them. That way, you won’t be accused of plagiarism. Meanwhile, if someone copies your tweet or caption, the best thing to do is call them out. Twitter thieves are smug until they get caught. Don’t stay silent, you’re an original, after all.

What do you think? Would you be furious if someone copies or tweet/ caption? Let us know in the comments below.