Work-At-Home Burnout Is Real, Here’s What You Can Do

Working from home may seem like a good idea at first. That is until you realise how lonely it is to face the heavy workload. There’s no one for you to turn to when you need a stress reliever!

You might also take certain advantages out of the pleasure of working from home like waking up late and wearing pajama all day long.

woman sitting beside a bed while using a laptop

But it’s 2019 and technology has made it easier for us to stay looped in, that we don’t even need to go into the office. It’s pretty great especially since we get to skip the horrible traffic jam!

Plus most companies are implementing ‘work from home policy’. If you’re one of the lucky employees, there are certain steps you need to do to keep you away from the work at home burnout.

1. Get out of your PJs and hit the shower 

woman sitting on bed wearing pajama

Of course, we all know the luxury of working in our pj’s but if you’re having a hard time setting boundaries between work and life, its time for you to get into a routine.

It’s essential that you get into a routine as this signals your brain that you’re officially beast work mode!

Don’t give in to procrastination! 

person using MacBook Pro and holding cappuccino

The urge to Netflix or scroll through social media when nobody’s watching you is REAL. But giving in to distractions will cause procrastination.

This only means more working hours and the chances of you burning out higher! Set a ‘working hour and a ‘break hour’ to help you stay on track.

Make the calendar your new best friend 

closeup photo of ballpoint pen near camera

Never really got the hang of using a calendar? You definitely should start using one right now! Once you’ve created a working hour routine, get a calendar to organise your life schedules. Use it to block your break hours, sort your day to day activities – work/personal and as a reminder that it’s time to get off work!

Don’t forget to socialize 

two woman sitting near table using Samsung laptop

Working from home means that you get fewer interactions with human beings. Which is okay considering that you don’t need to deal with difficult colleagues but you need to go out sometime too.

Spending too much time alone can contribute to burnout. So don’t be lazy and order food delivery instead of going out to dine with friends!