The Female Solo Traveller Guide To Avoid From Being Harassed

You’ve made a goal this year, and it’s to travel solo! But you have some concerns – which are a lot. You’re wondering about things such as, “Is it safe for women to travel alone?” or, “What do I do if I’m getting unwanted attention and being harassed?“

Travelling solo is scary and nerve-wrecking, yet the most adventurous and exciting decision one could ever make in their life. It is absolutely normal to feel insecure about travelling solo, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. First time’s always the hardest!

That being said, before you take a leap of faith and travel the world alone, here are some safety travel tips you should consider to help keep you safe throughout your trip:

Research your accommodation venue by reading reviews

Before booking your dream accommodation, it’s best for you to read the reviews left by previous guests. That way, you’ll know if the area you’ve chosen to stay at is safe. You can use sites like TripAdvisor, Osyter, Agoda and Expedia. If you choose to opt for Airbnb, Couch Surfing or Homestay, be sure to only book places with a lot of good reviews.

Designate one person (or more) back home as your go-to contact

Bookings all done, next, you’ll want someone back home that you trust to be your number one go-to person in case of emergencies. Let them know of your itineraries, phone number and even copies of your travelling documents. You can also schedule a regular check-in, whether it’s via phone call, Whatsapp, text, email, Skype – whichever that’s convenient for both of you.

Have soft copies of your travelling documents and store it online on sites like Dropbox

Be sure to take pictures of your passport, ID, flight tickets, hotel receipts, important phone numbers etc and upload the documents onto a site that will be accessible to you anywhere you go such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Alternatively, you can even email the files to yourself like how I usually do.

The reasoning behind this is to help you out in case your items get stolen or went missing while travelling abroad *knock on wood*. And you know what a hassle it could be when you lose all these important stuff, especially since we’re Asian and all — the authorities might even consider you as a refugee and lock you up!

Don’t keep your money all at one place. Don’t keep all of your money in one place

Have some cash in your wallet, some in your bag, at the hotel but never all in one place. Pro tip – store your extra cash at the bottom of your pad or tampon box. We highly doubt that anyone will want to dig into your pads for money unless they read this article too. In that case, get creative people!

Pack a safety mechanism to keep you safe


You can’t carry pepper sprays with you but can carry a ‘cat keychain’ that doubles as a whistle. We’d suggest for you to bring along a pocket knife too, but if that’s not a possibility, you could keep your nails long then. Put them where you’ll have the easiest access to, and should any unwanted attention arise, you’ll have something to protect yourself.

Don’t dress to impress

Keep it simple and dress like the locals. Being a target of snatchers, thieves, as well as crazy sexual offenders, is the last thing you’d want when you’re travelling alone. Try not to flaunt jewelries and even gadgets to avoid catching anyone’s attention.

Did these safety travel tips come in handy for your solo getaway? Let us know or better yet, share your photos in the comments below!

Did these safety travel tips come in handy for your solo getaway? Let us know or better yet, share your photos in the comments below!