30% Of Women Forget Their Anniversaries – Here Is What It Means

Men are often guilty of forgetting their relationship’s anniversary, but a new study has shown that 30% of women have forgotten their anniversary at least once in their lives. Oopsie.

As for men, 38% of them forget their anniversaries, so it means that women aren’t actually very far behind in the milestone memory department.

While men tend to have a weaker memory than women, have you been caught out for forgetting your anniversary? It doesn’t mean that you value your relationship any less. Here is what to do if you’re reading this because you forgot yours.

It’s not the forgetting that matters. What matters is how you respond to it

Well, forgetting is a human thing. People who are too busy, too depressed, or simply caught up in their daily routines would forget their anniversaries. And if you need to be reminded of it (much to your partner’s annoyance), it’s your response that matters. Your partner has the right to feel upset, but you can make up for it. Be apologetic, explain that it was a mistake and reinstate the relationship’s significance with your partner.

Forgetting your anniversary doesn’t mean you value your relationship any less

While couples are less likely to forget their anniversary within the first five years of their relationship, it is possible that they may forget within the same decade. It doesn’t mean that your relationship has hit a roadblock – perhaps it was a genuine mistake, as it usually is. Some people have it marked on their calendar, or their partner reminds them for a significant time before the anniversary.

Celebrating anniversaries are important for the growth of a relationship

Despite forgetting, you should celebrate your anniversary anyway. Marking your milestones together makes you and your partner feel as though you’re building something significant together. And as for next time, try not to forget your anniversary – both you and your partner should make extra effort to care for each other and the relationship that you have together.