Women Are Sharing How Their Men Clean The House & It’s Hilarious

House chores are a pain to do! Especially when you’re married and you’ve got to keep the house sane-looking. It’s a whole different story when kids are involved. But that’s when you rely on your husband to help you out – or maybe NOT.

In a hilarious thread of comments of a post from Meme on Facebook, women are sharing their funny experience of their husband’s definition of cleaning the house.

Maybe they wanna see the attic you never know.

Memes 发布于 2019年2月8日周五

The post has gone viral with entertaining “complaints” of their beloved spouses and shares with the caption, “READ THE COMMENTS.”

1. When they take too long to sort just one section of the house. While you’re done with the entire cleaning! 

 2. Doing ridiculous chores at the most inappropriate time! 

3.  When the wife is on a crazy cleaning spree and the husband does the most absurd thing ever. 

4. But at least they try…It’s the effort that counts, right? 

5. Or is it all a scam?

6. And now all the singles reading be like… 

7. Seriously what were men thinking when they decide to help clean the house? 

8. Also, this comment kind of make sense, if your husband spends way too much time “cleaning” the garage. 

9. But, honestly, how amazing it is to find out you’re not. 

10. To the few men with gold cleaning sensibilities, you the MVP! 

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