Unexpected Ways To Have Freaky, Wild Sex With Your Partner

When you’ve reached a certain level of physical closeness in your relationship, you probably feel like you’ll need to kick your sex life up a notch. How much closer can you both get, physically?

Sometimes, you just want to be wild and fulfill your sexual fantasies, but you don’t want to make your partner uncomfortable or look like a sex noob.

If you want your sex life to be less vanilla and more, say, ‘chocolate,’ here’s how you and your partner can turn up the heat in the bedroom. The wilder, the better, of course. Let’s see how far you’ll ho go.

1. Experiment with kinks and roleplay

You’d be surprised at what you could be into. Even if you think you’re not into kinks, experimenting with them can change your whole sexual worldview. Don’t dive straight in like Fifty Shades Of Grey yet. Start small, like spanking and blindfolds, and slowly move on to more exciting kinks, like tying up the more submissive partner and roleplay. Like, Star Wars maybe? Just a suggestion. You could even dress up as a female character – like Princess Leia, and have your man pretend to be Han Solo, and do it in the Millennium Falcon’s sex dungeon. Make sure you guys have a really big lightsaber.

2. Cuddle before and after sex

Cuddling with your partner may sound like a regular thing, but it’s a really intimate moment that releases the ‘love’ hormone that gets you more relaxed and ready to bang. When you cuddle before sex, you could start making out and lead to really heavy petting. When you cuddle after sex, it makes both you and your partner feel loved and safe… and perhaps opens up more opportunities to frisk around after.

3. Create a bucket list of places you wouldn’t have sex at, but you want to,

If you both dare to, have sex at a place that you normally wouldn’t – just make sure it’s clean. Then, try to cross off the places on your sex bucket list, but no pressure. Having sex at a different location can surprisingly spice up your sex life – like at your workplace, in a car or when you’re out camping in a tent. The thrill and risk will give you both an adrenaline rush that will cause more intense orgasms. Sometimes, you’ll have a quickie and other times, mind-blowing sex. Wild.

4. Do tantra yoga with your partner

Can doing yoga lead to wilder sex? Well, now you know. Although tantric yoga is about spirituality, energy, breathing, and mindfulness, it’s also a form of yoga practice that can help you release your sexual energy. Tantric yoga helps you and your partner focus on the energy concentrated in your pelvis, your hips and your lower back – essentially where your sexual organs are. Harnessing the sexual energy from your lower back will make you feel like your most sexy self.

5. Plan a romantic date, and have ‘spontaneous’ sex after.

Romantic dates often lead to something else, especially when you both have the idea in mind. Eat something light, then drink a little, just enough to get buzzed but not enough to get really drunk. Otherwise you could be too drunk to have sex. Decorate your bedroom and bathroom with scented candles and flower petals to put you both in the mood. For the ladies, dress up in sexy lingerie to prepare for the ‘spontaneous’ sex that’s gonna follow. Maybe let your man take a peek or two to tease and arouse him.

6. Do your house chores… sexily

House chores aren’t sexy but you can make it seductive. For example, prepare a meal for your man (in front of him) wearing an apron and nothing else. Vacuum the living room wearing only lingerie and huskily ask your partner for ‘help,’ because you can’t be the one doing all the ‘work’ right? In fact, if you can, do sexy poses to seduce your partner while you’re at it. It’s fun – plus it gets some amount of actual work done.

The best part about this? It’ll bring you and your partner closer together, physically and emotionally. Sex isn’t just about lust, there’s so much love involved too. Let us know how you spice up your sex life in the comments below.