Bizarre Divorce Reasons In M’sia Include Wife’s Uneven Posterior & Forgetting To Flush

“Suami tidak suka isteri makan dalam kereta”, translation, husbands don’t like it when the wives eat in the car, is one of the shocking factor that contributes to divorce in Malaysia. Our first reaction was, “Did we read that right?” How and why is that a reason for getting a divorce?

According to statistics from the Selangor Syariah Department, other reasons gathered include political differences, which seems pretty understandable if you’re very passionate about the country. However, there are also some outrageous factors such as blaming the wives for doing the laundry at night, husband’s bad sexual skills, fighting over television channels, partners forgetting to flush the toilet and get this — wife’s posterior is not smooth.

Yeap, you read that right, although that’s not even the worst part. Another unreasonable factor stated on the list is because the child is sick and unwell. As parents, this shouldn’t be a reason for divorce. In fact, this should be a factor that’ll help a couple to support each other.

Scroll down to read the full list shared by Twitter user, Fahmi Fadzil:

And Twitter wasn’t having any of it!

One user expressed her surprise that deciding where to eat isn’t on that list, whereas another user tried to defend the male dignity by tweeting, “Not good at sex? Do you think your husband is a prawn star?”

Let’s be real here, some of these divorce factors are beyond unreasonable. Spouses should appreciate and love their partners unconditionally. I mean, that’s what you said in your vows, right? For example, a working wife or mother is only able to do the laundry at night when the cooking and cleaning are done. So instead of complaining, why don’t the husband help out too?

Try to be more understanding of each other and if the feelings are gone, just be straight up honest that things are not working out anymore, instead of finding faults in the partner.

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