Why Do You Always Feel Freaking Sleepy At 3PM?

Burp and yawnnnnnnn~

You just had a super heavy lunch and now you’re back at the office, sitting lazily and trying hard to keep your eyes wide open. Bet you think that delicious banana leaf rice made you to feel so sleepy at work, huh? Then you start to complain to the colleague next to you about how sleepy you feel and all you want at that very moment is a bed!

The good news is, science has the answer to that 3PM problem we all face every single day. From why we always feel sleepy and ‘hangry’ – oh yeah, hungry and angry. Why? It’s all because of our blood sugar.

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A survey done by Hum Nutrition found that women’s energy would plummet to it’s lowest of the day at 2:55 PM. This well-known mid-afternoon slump phenomenon tempts office workers to crawl under their desks for a quick nap or send them to a sugary snack hunt.

You see, the hours after lunch makes our blood sugar so crazy that it spikes high (especially if you’ve had a heavy carbohydrate lunch) and within a couple of hours, it drops, leaving us groggy and unfocused.

Annie Herzog, a registered dietician explains,    

Now that explains why we’re always so sleepy!