Why You Should Try “Temperature Play” Right Now

We’ve heard of foreplay, but what exactly is temperature play? It’s when you use temperature to stimulate each other whether with heat or cold, which then gives the body a rush of sensation and the feeling of arousal. Even better when done blind folded with some bondage elements, kind of like a vanilla version 50 Shades of Grey. Kinky!

Imagine the feeling of excitement and rush of not knowing what’s going to come in contact with your skin. The icy sting or heat will definitely make you flush.

Sex therapist Dulcinea Pitagora a.k.a. the Kink Doctor says, “When temperature play is negotiated and consented to, the brain starts preparing for a sexy and exciting experience, and basically puts nerve endings in the body — erogenous zones, but also everywhere else — on high alert for new sensations.” If you’re ready to be on this ‘sexciting’ adventure, here’s a temperature play guide for all you first timers:

1. Of Ice Creams and Whip Creams 

What’s tastier than the taste of your lover’s body? Sweet delicious desserts on them, of course! Have fun dripping your favourite cold desserts like ice-cream on your partner’s body and lick them with your “hot” tongue. Cold and hot sensation right there!

Be Careful: Avoid from getting ice-cream near the vulva. The sugar from desserts can cause yeast infections to your vagina and no one wants that.

2. Wax Play 

This is a pretty famous temperature play that you often see in the movies. Just like dripping cold ice water on your partner’s skin, you’re teasing them with melted wax instead. Soy candles are the safest to use as it’s made from soy, a natural ingredient, which will less likely cause any irritation. Another option is to use massage oil candles that you can get at any sex toy shop. Besides, candles made for sex burn at cooler temperatures, so they’re less likely to burn your skin.

Be Careful: Never use the regular old candles from your cupboard, as the melted wax can be too hot for the skin and might be toxic too. In any case, be sure to test the wax’s heat before dripping it on your partner.

3. Hot and Cold Lube 

Lube is everybody’s best friend when it comes to sex. So yes, you can absolutely incorporate lube to your temperature play. When using lube at body temperature, you won’t really feel any extra tingling sensation. But when used in a cold or hot state, it plays with our sensory senses. Pop the lube in the fridge for a few minutes or make it warm by placing the tube in a warm bowl of water.

Be Careful: Watch the temperature. You don’t want to get your lube too warm or too cold, so make sure you test a few drops on your wrist beforehand.

4. Make Your Tongue Hot 

Make going down a little different by warming up your mouth. How? Just drink plain hot tea, coffee or warm water.

Be Careful: Avoid sugary drinks if you’re giving oral on private areas to avoid any yeast infections. So keep your tea and coffee black!

5. Icy Ice-Cubes 

Another classic temperature play is of course, the ice-cubes. They’re super versatile that you can literally do anything with them. You can cool your mouth down before oral sex, drip the melted ice water over your partner’s body, rub it near the sensitive areas — anything really, up to your own creativity.

Be Careful: There is such thing as too cold, to a point where your tongue might get stuck to the ice. Ouch!

6. Freeze That Dildo or Stick It In Warm Water 

Sex toys made from glass or metal are great to use for temperature play because they can hold the heat or cold well. Put them in freezer for a while or warm it up in a glass of water for a few minutes.

Be Careful: Again, careful with the temperature. Make sure it isn’t scalding hot or totally frozen, because it wouldn’t be a good feeling when the dildo is stuck inside your body. Check it against your wrist and if you like the feeling, you’re good to play!

Happy Valentine’s Day, XOXO.