Why You Should Travel Alone On Your Birthday

It’s your birthday, but somehow you’re not so excited about it anymore? As we get older, we tend to grow out of celebrating birthdays.

Not only is it a reminder of how old we’ve actually gotten but also there’s nothing interesting to look forward to anymore. You get tired of the same ol’ birthday routines. It’s clubs, parties, “surprises”, dinners, you get the picture! Well, what about treating yourself to a solo birthday trip? It’s crazy, we know. But think about it, if you’ve never had a solo trip before, it’s going to be an exciting thing to do.

Just like Pertrina Thong who braved herself to travel and hitched hike solo through 22 countries from Sweden to Kuala Lumpur. Although, you don’t have to travel to that extreme length, where you can start by opting for a comfortable solo vacay instead. Here’s why you should travel solo in celebration of your birthday:

1. Appreciate some alone time 

Celebrate you, duh! When was the last time you had some quality time to yourself? With a busy work schedule, it’s easy for you to neglect your own well-being. Take this time off as an opportunity for you to do some soul-searching. Look for wellness retreats or quiet havens for you to relax and get in touch with yourself.

2. Make new friends 

Travelling solo allows you to make friends with others who are also travelling alone. It just gives us the assurance if they’re travelling alone too, they’re most likely open to talk to you and vice versa. A great way for you to meet new people is by staying at dorms and backpacker hotels. Celebrating your birthday with a bunch of strangers whom you’ll call friends at the end of the trip? Major yes!

3. Do what you love 

It’s your birthday and you get to spend it how you want. Go for a spa, shopping, tantalizing your taste buds with new food and lots more. You won’t have to change your plan for anyone else’s schedule either. Do what you want and when you want it. #BirthdayTreat

4. Flight discounts 

Ah-hah! Another reason for you to go on that solo trip are flight discounts! Most airlines offer flight discounts on birthdays, so take advantage of going on your dream holiday. Look out for airlines that offer birthday deals and save money instantly.

5. Embrace newness 

Perhaps you’re seeking a new thrill before you step into your next phase in life, solo-travelling might help with that. Birthdays provide a moment for you to appreciate how far you’ve come. This is an exciting way to embrace your independence. Venturing to new places alone proves that you can make it in a foreign country and make decisions on your own. You might even learn new things about yourself!