Why You Should Cry Your Heart Out After The End Of A Relationship

Getting over a break up is the hardest thing one can ever do, and it’s always easier said than done. I mean, how do you actually heal a broken heart?

Coming out from a romantic relationship can have negative impacts to a person, from insomnia, intrusive thoughts as well as reduced immune function. There are times where you wonder if it will even get better, especially if you’ve been in a long, serious relationship. Often times, some of you might find it difficult to get on with your daily lives, in which you’ll think, “Ugh, is there a way to make time go faster?”

Broken Heart Illustration

Time plays a huge a role here and although this may not exactly seem comforting at the moment, we assure you that things will get better. However, if that patience is what you lack, check out these strategies to help you get over a break up:

Negative reappraisal of the ex-partner

The first strategy, is to think about the unfavorable aspects of your ex-lover. Perhaps he or she has an annoying habit that you dislike so much, such as taking you for granted or temper issues. According to researches, by highlighting the ex’s negative traits, you may start to feel thankful for not having to put up with their behavior anymore.

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This is by far the most familiar strategy by everyone when it comes to dealing with a break up. Thankfully, our friends have been right all along. Distract yourself and get busy doing the things you love. There’s always something about breakups when you finally get over it, you feel like a brand new person.

For some, a drastic makeover, while others like to venture into something they’ve always been scared of, such as a career change. Every little distraction counts, the trick is to keep those unrelated thoughts positive.

Get a Support System 

This could be your mom, siblings, or your trusted circle of good friends — the ones who’ve been there for you through the ups and down. Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on after a devastating break up, in which a hug and a pair of listening ears is all you really need.

Rear View of Woman With Arms Raised at Beach during Sunset

Know Your Worth 

Okay, this may take awhile for you to understand but think about it. Open your heart and your mind. If you get dumped by this person who clearly doesn’t know your worth, should you really hold off your life for him/her? You are way better than to feel shitty. In the end, you know, you can and you will find someone who will love you and appreciate the person you are.

Cry it Out 

YEAH, you read that right. Cry until you have no tears left to cry. Pour out your feelings and trust us, you’ll feel a lot better for not holding anything back. Instead, you’ll feel tired for feeling pitiful of yourself and before you know it, you won’t even remember your ex’s name anymore.

With that being said, we’d like to quote something from our favourite book, which says, “It’s Called A Breakup Because It’s Broken”. Therefore, although you may feel like dying now, just remember that you will get over it when the time comes, and you will survive in finding love again. Here’s a playlist from Fly X made especially for your broken-heart.