Why Do The Best Women Always Date Losers?

Maybe you’ve seen this happen to your friends. They’re A-listers who look unbelievably stunning, and they’ve got their sh*t together, except for one thing. These close-to-perfect women always seem to be dating losers. We don’t mean people who lose in checkers, we mean IRL losers.

Sloppy guys with no ambition, complete moochers, insecure cheaters, you name it, these women have dated them. Why do some women subject themselves to these painful relationships when it’s obvious… you’re way too good for him, and everyone knows it.

Some people have patterns, and dating losers could be a behavioural pattern we’re trying to understand. Let’s look into it.

If you tend to date losers, you may need to re-evaluate your priorities

Are you dating this person because you’re secretly afraid of being alone? Remember that’s it’s better to be happy as a single person than to be miserable with a partner. You date someone because you love them, and they love you and would improve for you. You don’t date someone because you’re afraid that all your friends are getting married and you aren’t. You may end up with the wrong person and it could be a waste of time.

Know that you can always do better


Some of us have low self-esteem, hence we tend to settle for someone who isn’t that great in the first place because we believe we cannot do better. If you tend to put yourself down and set yourself at the same level as your partner who is nothing but a moocher, then you have a problem. Make a list of men you have dated and list out why you broke up with them. Maybe it’s time to find someone who matches your standards and lifestyle.

If your friends tend to date losers, should you confront them?

There’s a risk that it may ruin your friendship, and more often than not, you should let your adult friends make adult decisions by themselves. However, if you can observe that your friend is in a risky or abusive relationship, it’s time to step in and tell her to leave that relationship for her own sake.