Why Cottons Pads Are Essential In Your Skin Care Routine

Writer: Farah Karim

For some people, exfoliating takes too much time to do on the regular. Most people even forget that they have to exfoliate because if you do it too many times in a week, you’re going to have raw, irritated and inflamed complexion. The solution? Cotton pads. You don’t realise it, but you’re probably already doing it everyday albeit not as intense as the usual exfoliating methods.

If you’re using cotton pads to apply toner, you’re pretty much exfoliating every time you wash your face. This might sound a bit dramatic but using cotton pads isn’t a luxury, it’s a lifestyle.

Source: Beautytap

Using cotton pads vs. using your hands

While some people do recommend using your hands to apply toner, the result is completely different than using cotton pads. Since the surface of a cotton pad is absorbent, it cleanses the skin more thoroughly and ensures that any residue left after is cleaned up. Meanwhile, the softness of the cotton provides an exfoliating effect that you can do everyday without damaging your skin.

Whereas if you use hands, you don’t have the benefits of the large surface area and absorbent material to help with with cleaning up any remaining dirt and grime. But if you’re someone who has dry or combination skin, this is a good way to further hydrate your skin because with your hands, you can use more product without having most of it absorbed by the cotton pad.

They’re super diverse

Cotton pads aren’t just used for toner but can be used for applying other products like micellar water, as a DIY sheet mask or to remove your makeup.

When it comes to DIY sheet masks, just use a few sheets of cotton pads, soak them in a solution and let them sit across your T-zone and cheeks for 10 to 15 minutes. If you have some leftover solution from the sheet mask you used the day before, you can just leave some cotton pads inside, let them soak overnight and voila!

They’re also great for removing makeup especially when it comes to eye makeup. Letting a cotton pad with makeup remover rest on your eyes for a couple of seconds allows the solution to be absorbed by your makeup thus, making it easier to be wiped off later.

They’re affordable

Cotton pads are also super affordable. You don’t have to splurge to get a pack that does the job. Here are some of our favourite picks:


Source: Sephora

Price: USD$12 (RM50) (165 pcs)

Although pricey, Shiseido’s cotton pads have thousands of positive reviews and that says a lot for a packet of cotton pads. Not only is the size perfect, but the thickness and how it retains liquid is good enough that your product doesn’t get soaked up immediately. Plus, the pad won’t start breaking the moment you wipe it on your face.


Source: MUJI Online

Price: GBR£3.50 (RM19.00) (180 pcs)

Made of unbleached cotton, Muji’s cotton pads are a staple and a compromise between price and quality. They have a dense, single layer of cotton which prevents it from fraying when you wipe it on your face. Since you can trust the quality of products that come from Japan, you can expect these cotton pads to be soft all around and without any kinks or manufacturing mistakes that might scratch your face.


Source: Food + World + Me – WordPress.com

Price: AUD$2 (RM5.90) (240 pcs)

This cotton pad is made from 100% pure cotton and because it’s double-sided, it stays intact and more absorbent than other cotton pads. This will make it easier for you to remove any makeup as well as when using micellar water to cleanse your skin. Although, if you’re the kind of person who likes to tear their cotton pads when not using the entire thing, it could be a bit harder to do because of how sturdy it is.


Source: Watsons Malaysia

Price: RM9.80 (210 pcs x 3)

We know what you’re thinking. Watsons? Really? Trust us, for the amount you’re paying for, this is worth your money. Despite being a drugstore brand, the cotton pad is decent and doesn’t fray like what you’d expect. Also, we mentioned that tearing thing earlier with Miniso? Yeah, you can tear these perfectly in equal strips if you don’t want to use the whole thing. It does the job and is super affordable!