Why Beauty Gurus Are Switching To Milk Cleanser

Writer: Farah Karim

If you can feel your skin tightening and becomes dryer every time you wash your face, then milk cleansers are what you need.

But wait, milk cleaners? Isn’t it a bit weird for someone to be washing their face with milk? We guess it would be.. if these cleaners are actually made of milk. Rather, they’re made of substances with texture and appearance that’s similar to milk, which explains the name.

Source: Marie France Asia

What are milk cleansers?

Generally, a normal face cleanser needs water to be able to foam and work on your skin. However, many are not aware that the chemical reaction of creating foam is what causes your skin to dry out. For many people, it can cause their skin to tighten and becomes irritated, especially if you have dry skin. If you’re someone with normal, combination or oily complexion, your skin is more resilient against the chemical reaction in which the foam will clean your pores and finish it off with a matte effect.

On the other hand, milk cleansers use a gentler approach to ensure your skin is free of grime and dirt. They are usually made from natural emulsion of fats that doesn’t need to foam or bubble up to be used, allowing you to just rinse it off with or without water.

You can thank ingredients like glycerin, jojoba and squalane which are naturally hydrating. As a result, milk cleansers will purify your skin without stripping any of its natural oils while keeping it hydrated, balanced and protected.

What brands can I start with?

Milk cleansers are something that’s still relatively new compared to foam and oil cleansers but that doesn’t mean you’re not spoiled for choice. Since brands are now realising the demand for milk cleansers, here are 4 that are both affordable and gentle on the face:


Source: Style Korean

Name: COSRX Low pH First Cleansing Milk Gel

Price: RM85

COSRX’s latest cleansing gel is different from their other cleansers since it’s directed towards people with dry skin. Having a pH level of 5.5, this milky gel cleanser contains witch hazel and allantoin to soothe, hydrate and moisturise your skin even after cleansing. Not just that, it’s also strong enough to cleanse your skin from sunscreen and any remaining makeup at the end of the day.


Source: Muji

Name: Muji Milk Cleansing

Price: SGD$17.90 (RM54.50)

Muji’s skin care line is one that is severely underrated. It isn’t just their pens and clothes that are of quality, but their cleansers too. This emulsion type cleanser contains apricot juice and peach leaf extract that maintains your skin’s natural oils after cleansing. It ensures that your skin isn’t burdened by the effects of normal facial cleansers while removing any dirt and grime that might cause your skin to be irritated.

The Face Shop

Source: The Face Shop

Name: The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk

Price: RM33.90

Another Korean brand to add to the list, The Face Shop is a staple brand for many women and for a good reason. Formulated with rice extracts, this cleanser helps to brighten the skin while removing any toxic residue from the surface of your skin. It avoids any drying and irritation to give you a youthful and radiant complexion while keeping it hydrated and moisturised throughout the day.


Source: Clarins

Name: Clarins Cleansing Milk with Gentian

Price: RM111

This well-known French brand is one that’s pricey, but has a special quality that speaks for itself. Not only does this cleansing milk washes away impurities with “spa-like efficiency”, but it also contains anti-pollutants that will protect your skin even after you’ve cleaned it. The mixture of plant extracts like gentian, hawthorn and sage will help re-balance your skin’s pH level while leaving it soft and supple.