5 Reasons Why Arranged Marriage Could Be A Better Option

Perhaps you believe in the idea that you should be married to the love of your life. That’s probably what most of us believe in nowadays anyway — but surprisingly, the family match-making deal is still practiced among some society.

Coming from a half Indian-half Filipino background, my dad’s side of the family still seek potential “matches” from match-makers or scout for cute hunks from their friends’ families. You can only imagine what goes in their minds when there are wedding events.

Stereo-typically, we would think arranged marriage don’t actually last long. How could you spend the rest of your lives with a stranger? A person you barely know! But could this also be one of the reasons as to why marriage last longer?

1. Family’s Stamp of Approval 

Arranged marriages are usually done by families. Honestly, even if you deny it, our parents know us way better than anyone else. You’ve spent your whole life living with them, they know your character in and out. Plus, your family will most likely go for a family that they’ve known for years. So you won’t have to worry about your families compatibility. At the end of the day, they want nothing but the best and you can bet that your families will do a thorough FBI check!

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2. The Thrill Of Getting To Know Each Other 

That’s right. Since you haven’t known each other for a very long time, getting married to a “stranger” allows the both of you to discover something new about each other everyday. Think about it, you’re moving in with each other for the very first time, learning each other’s likes and dislikes along with their characters such as do they put down the toilet seat and whether they brush their teeth before sleeping? This will give you the time to slowly fall in love with him and vice versa.

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3. Less Expectations 

The biggest hurdle when it comes to marrying the love of your life is that since both of you have been together for a long time, your mutual expectations towards each other might increase. When these expectations aren’t met, problems and issue will arise. Let’s be real, dating life and marriage life are totally different and relationships may change. However when it comes to arranged marriage, what’s expected of the other may not be that high. Since the relationship is still new, couples would try to put their partner’s needs first. Less expectations means more happiness for a blissful marriage.

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4. Higher Understanding Towards Each Other 

Since both of you are still getting to know each other, partners may have higher tolerance when there are issues. You’re more careful with your words and actions. Just like you would with someone new at the workplace or meeting a new friend. Sometimes, couples who’ve been in a relationship for a long time may unconsciously take each other for granted and at times, forget how words can sting.

5. Both Families Have Got Your Back 

Seriously, they paired the both you, they’ll do everything and anything in their power to keep you both together. You can definitely expect to be welcomed to both sides of the family when there are problems. Not only that, parents are usually more involved when it comes to guiding arranged marriage set by them, as they feel that it’s their responsibility to make the relationship work.

What do you think about arranged marriage and love marriage? Let us know!