Why Are People Afraid Of Facial Lasers? It’s The Best Thing Ever

Story By: Liyana Hassanel

I used to be very insecure about my skin and I felt the need to cover up my blemishes and marks at all times. All of that changed when I met Dr. T.S Chong from DC Clinic, Bangsar and received facial laser treatments that literally changed my life!

The Problem: Haunted By Stubborn Acne Scars

Due to my skin type – combination, I’d usually get oily on my T-Zone area; which is where I usually breakout. However, the problem wasn’t the breakouts, but the acne scars that took forever to go away. Sometimes, it feels like they’re permanently etched into my skin.

My acne got worse in my twenties when you’d think it would all be over. After going through all sorts of recommended facials and beauty products, I still had really bad marks especially between my eyebrows, on my nose, and chin. I was intrigued by laser, and since I hadn’t tried it, I believed it would be the solution to fix my skin. 

Before the treatment

Honestly, I wasn’t really concerned about getting the laser treatments, rather I was more excited because I’ve wanted to do laser for a couple of years now. Sure, I was a little scared of the pain but Dr. Chong assured me that there’s nothing for me to be worried about.

He said, “The first few things that most people would think when it comes to lasers include; Will it be painful? Does it harm the skin or make it thinner? With our new lasers which are medical-grade lasers – all of these factors are not an issue anymore. Instead, it will increase your collagen production and make the skin thicker and healthier.”

Another major concern that most of us have is that our skin’s issues may come back once we’ve stopped going for treatments. Dr. Chong explains, “It may, but only if the skin’s condition is still in a very bad situation. Usually, one will need a few sessions to stabilise the skin.” 

Dr. Chong also assured me that the treatment was basically almost painless, so laser, I’ve put all my faith in you. Here’s to clearer, healthier skin.

After a thorough consultation at DC Clinic, I was told that I’d receive four types of treatments to fix the problems on my face – Baby Facial, Pro-Yellow Laser, Pico Laser and PRP, all of which will be explained in a bit. The whole process took 6 sessions within 60 days, but trust me, it was totally worth it. 

The Journey To Clear Skin

#Day 1

This is my bare face before going in for my first session. I’ve never really allowed anyone to see it without wearing any makeup to conceal my flaws, so you guys and Dr. Chong are probably the first to see me barefaced. For my first session, I received all four treatments, which are (in order) Baby Facial, Pro-Yellow Laser, Pico Laser and PRP. I’ll explain all of this in a bit – sounds overwhelming, but it’s pretty simple.

Baby Facial

During the facial treatment, the beautician begins by thoroughly cleansing the skin. This is then followed by the comedo extraction procedure to extract pore blockages using gentle pressure around the pore opening. Various masks and facial massage were incorporated into the treatment. The result? Active skin repair, diminished acne scars and soothed pores.

Pro-Yellow Laser

Pro-Yellow Laser works in such a way that it targets melanin and red blood cells. It destroys acne bacteria and eradicates active acne. This is a perfect laser treatment for people seeking for brighter and overall rejuvenation of the skin with almost no downtime at all. This procedure helps to produce collagen growth, reduce redness and improve sensitive skin to give a wholesome tightening, brightening and rejuvenating effect.

Pico Laser

Pico Laser activates the inflammatory healing response and boosts collagen production. This laser treatment plumps up your skin from the inside, evens your skin tone, reduces hyperpigmentation, and gives your skin a glow.


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an exciting new method of providing a fresh radiant and youthful look without surgery. The method of injecting your own plasma into the face is a new treatment to repair/improve acne scars, reduce the appearance of pigmentation and rejuvenate your skin. PRP treatment does not require artificial fillers or chemicals, therefore, it is a safe and efficient procedure without the risk of side effects of rejection from your body.

It stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin that helps in reducing acne scars, leaving you a brighter and smoother skin. Visible results should be noticed within the first few weeks after the PRP treatment as the collagen and elastin start to restore. The appearance of scars begins to diminish as the procedure helps in stimulating the flow of blood and oxygen on your skin which work to remove the build-up of toxins.

First impressions

Since it was only my first time, I experienced some pain, which wasn’t unexpected, because I knew that this pain was the good kind. The pain of beauty. After all, a caterpillar doesn’t become a butterfly without a bit of pain. I believed that the result was going to be worth it. Anyway, it was tolerable, I wasn’t crying or anything. And for someone who has a pretty low pain tolerance, I feel like I could totally handle future treatments, hands down.

#Day 10

It’s been 10 days since my first laser session. I have active acne above my lips, and there are bruises from the treatments. Notice the little bumps on my face? They’re probably due to the extraction process. The major change, though, was that my skin was barely oily even 10 days after the first session. However, it was still too early for people to notice a significant change in my skin condition.

#Day 20  

My skin looks and feels a lot better after my second session of Pico Laser and Pro-Yellow Laser. The active acne has calmed down and the little bumps are gone. My skin feels a little drier than usual but there’s less oil production on my face and I can definitely feel the treatment working.

I’ve followed the doctor’s advice and stayed out of the sun, like a vampire. Of course, sunscreen is a must so I slathered myself in my new favourite skincare product every day. I also didn’t do anything that may cause excessive sweating, like exercising. Call me idle, but hey that’s the price of beauty.

Meanwhile, I felt a lot more hopeful and regained my confidence. I also stopped using foundation completely, surprise! That week, I travelled to South Korea, a.k.a. the land of ladies with inhumanly glass skin. I only used concealer to cover my blemishes, and my friends kept telling me how great my skin looks in my Instagram stories! The only makeup I used there was concealer for the smaller blemishes, lipstick and eyebrow product to enhance my features.

#Day 30

I just had my third session of all four treatments again. There’s a spot in the middle of my brows, which is the first pimple I’ve gotten since the treatment started. But other than that, my skin feels great and my face is barely oily.

My skincare routine has changed a lot since I started the treatments with DC Clinic. Before this, I would have several steps – all of which were very time-consuming. Now all I need to do is remove my makeup, use facial wash, dab on some toner, moisturiser and sunscreen for the day.

As always, I felt very excited, and it’s a comforting feeling to know that I have something that I can trust to help me in my journey to clear skin. I’m ecstatic that my skin is finally clearing up after 7 years of being insecure about it.

#Day 40 

My skin has been reacting a lot better to the lasers, and there’s less redness after the fourth session of Pico Laser and Pro-Yellow Laser. My pores are still at a visible stage, so I’m hoping that the next session of Pico Laser will fix that.

I feel empowered for being able to be in my own skin without having to cover it up. I feel like I can truly be myself again as I don’t need to conceal any part of my face. I feel instilled with the hope that I can finally be free of my own insecurities.

#Day 50

After my fifth session of all four treatments, my skin got clearer and my pores have visibly shrunk. Guess I don’t have to edit my selfies anymore, which I’ve been taking more and more of since my skin started clearing up. Besides that, there’s no longer any active acne on my face.

The doctor himself has seen a huge improvement on my skin and tells me to continue with my recommended skincare routine (cleanser, toner, moisturiser, sunscreen).

My parents are pretty pleased about the difference that laser has made on my skin. My dad used to be so concerned about my skin. He used to mention pretty often that if he could, he would give me his skin. But now he no longer feels the need to say so. My mom used to complain a lot about my skin but now she simply reminds me to take the best care of my skin to keep it flawless.

#Day 70

This is my final and last treatment ever and there’s a major difference. This time, I just went for Pro-Yellow Laser. My skin has definitely improved by miles since the first treatment. The marks between my brows, on my nose and chin, are less visible now. There’s still a spot on my nose but I don’t feel the need to cover my skin with layers of foundation and concealer.

My skin has tremendously improved and all my dark marks, active acne have completely cleared up and it’s only after these treatments that I realized how the blemishes have affected my confidence. I haven’t been able to go out without makeup for the longest time. Even when I did everyday things that didn’t require me to actually put on makeup, like going for laundry and picking up food delivery.

Now that I’m able to put myself out there, bare-faced, it’s a huge deal. I’m truly happy and grateful for this life-changing experience that has allowed me to really feel like myself again.

My Likely girls who see me every day have been amazed at the transformation. They have seen my skin at its worst and how it has affected me, so to see the changes the lasers have made really impressed them. This isn’t only about how my skin cleared up, but also the change within me. I can tell that they’re truly happy for me.

Before & After 

One of the major changes for me is the oil production on my face, which I think was the major cause of me getting acne. The treatments have really helped in controlling the oil production on my face. Usually, my skin would become an oil slick not long after I wake up. Now, even after a whole day of being out, my skin doesn’t feel oily which is pretty cool.

Another major change is that I barely get acne anymore. Besides this, the dark marks I used to have on my face have faded tremendously – they’re no longer as obvious as they used to be.

 My Final Verdict

To those wanting to get rid of their acne marks and scars fast, I find that laser treatments are the best solution. The difference between laser treatments and regular skincare treatments such as facials and beauty products is that these treatments fix the root of the problem and make the healing process go a lot faster. It goes beyond the surface of your skin.

You can certainly expect major changes, but you need to be consistent and do multiple sessions if you’ve been battling skin issues from before. If I could do this for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t think twice about it. 

Thanks to these laser treatments, I’ve overcome my insecurities and I’m now able to go out bare-faced, and face the world. I feel like a force to be reckoned with.

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