Who Is Marie S’filtre, The Woman Who Crashed Chanel’s Fashion Show?

By now you’ve probably heard of the infamous “model” who crashed the Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week last Tuesday. Comedian, Marie S’filtre, better known as Marie Benoliel modeled on the runway in a Chanel-style dog tooth-patterned outfit and a black hat. She totally blended in that even securities couldn’t identify the intruder.

That is until supermodel, Gigi Hadid gracefully stepped in to block Marie and escorted her out of the fashion show.

The question is, who is this Marie S’filtre? Here’s what you need to know about the French woman.

1. Marie S’Infiltre translates to “Marie crashes (an event)” 

Well, that makes sense because her ‘crashing’ skill is the reason for her newfound fame!

2. She’s also a YouTuber 

Marie has 228,000 subscribers on YouTube and produces skits on topics from the French far-right to Yellow Vests and #MeToo movement.

3. This isn’t her first time crashing an event 

That’s right…This isn’t her first time gatecrashing a fashion show. Just last week, she shared a video of her crashing the fashion show of Etam, a French lingerie and clothing brand. L’importante.fr reported the stunt inspired her to do the same prank at Chanel’s show.

“My infiltration at Etam went so well, it was so easy that some thought it was rigged and that I had permission to do it,” she said. “Are you kidding me? So I wanted to try the impossible with the most prestigious show on Earth, Chanel.”

4. Yes, there’s a reason why she chose Chanel 

She explains that the pranks and stunts are to prove a point and not done intentionally to bother anyone. “I am not making fun of people, I am pointing at how silly some people can be,” she says.

What do you think of her fashion show stunt done Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week? Rude or cool?