“Whelming” Is The New Trend That’ll Make You Avoid Dating Apps FOREVER

Online dating has it’s good side – like, you’ll feel flattered when you get a lot of matches.

But did you know that your date has matches too? You probably assume so and it doesn’t need to be said. After all, there are a lot of people on a lot of dating apps.

Unfortunately, “whelming” is the new millennial trend that will make you want to avoid dating app forever. We’ll just make do with IRL dating.

So, you can be “whelmed”


Neither overwhelmed nor underwhelmed, “whelming” begins when the person you match with on a dating app tells you about how many matches he has. SELF Magazine calls it “a new shitty dating behaviour.”

Whelming is what happens when your matches tell you how overwhelmed they are by how many potential partners they have, instead of, y’know, doing the good ol’ flirting with you.

Earth to people on dating apps, humble bragging about having unread messages from potential dates may not be the best way to find an actual date.

On certain dating apps like Bumble, women have 24 hours to initiate conversation with their matches, who then have 24 hours to respond back. Women who experienced whelming describe their conversations as a mix of complaints and misogynistic rants, like “Why does every girl on this dating app like brunch?”

It’s not a clear sign of wanting to unmatch with someone, because apparently, your date could really like you and still find a way to whelm you. According to SELF, people express how many matches they have because it’s an ego thing.

“They want us to know they’ve got options. Assume we’ve all got matches, it’s not something that needs to be said.”

Signs you’re being whelmed

1. When your match asks you for dating advice in a non-flirty way, and you’re too tired to explain how dating apps work to someone who is already using it.

2. When your match mentions how many other potential dates they have

3. When you meet your date and they seem aloof, and then blame it on how many other dates they have.

If you’re being whelmed, the best thing to do is unmatch immediately, and perhaps treat yourself to a glass of champagne as you prepare for the world of IRL dating.