What’s With All The Shocking Reactions To Ernie Zakri’s Singing?

Nur Ernie Shahirah Zakri, or more widely known as Ernie Zakari, is a gem. The 28-year-old Kuala Lumpur born singer, actress and vocal teacher has recently been the subject of many, many videos on Youtube.



And all of them are focused on Ernie Zakri’s live performance of “Ku Bersuara” at the 34th Anugerah Juara Lagu last year. If you haven’t seen her performance (like me before this), you can watch it along with the three international vocal coaches below and have your jaw drop too (like me, all three times).


Here are some of the reactions –


1. Rebecca Vocal Athlete – “What?”,  “Who?”, “SHOCKING!”, “What on earth?!”


Rebecca is only a few seconds into the song before she has to pause and announce that she’s “shooketh” by the power, control and start of Zakri’s song. She goes as far as to say that she can’t imagine why Zakri lost. Between the multiple jaw drops and widened eyes, Rebecca calls Zakri “phenomenal”, “superb” and “raw talent”.



2. Beth Roars – “Oooohhh!”,  “Wow, man!”,  “Was not expecting that!”

Beth starts off by making it clear that she doesn’t know Zakri but that she was highly requested for in the comment section of her video. Beth describes the performance as very “tasteful” and “relaxed” before “making it even more mental and exciting than you would have thought”. ]Beth mentions how she loves Zakri’s mix of head voice and her use of control with her breath to avoid pushing out her voice. She applauds Zakri for her “fantastic voice” and ability to make “epic sounds”.


3. Sam Scott – “YASSS!”, “URRRAAGGHH, THIS WOMAN!”, “Oh my god.”, “This is incredible.”

Scott breaks down the pressure he’s had to do a review of Zakri’s performance, citing the requests for it as the first time he’s seen that many comments for one specific performance.  As soon as he starts watching the performance, Scott seems to lose his mind and admits that as Zakri’s singing “blows my mind”, most of the video is going to be of him going “wow”. However, he does go into the technical aspects of Zakri’s singing, complimenting how “she’s such a good singer”, “very clever with her entire vocals” and “she knows exactly what she’s doing” as she “blends strong vocals and delicate vocals together”.



Have alike have also expressed their love for the song and Zakrin’s performance.





The song, “Ku Bersuara” or “I’m Speaking Out”, sees Zakri singing about being used and tricked by her lover, who promised her the world before deciding that she will stay silent no more. In an interview with StarLifestyle, she said,


“The idea of the song is about women who have been bullied or discriminated in any way and they want to fight back because they can’t stand it anymore.”


Whew, you go girl! Here’s to hoping she gets on more international stages in the future!





*Cover image credits:
Background: Eric Smart on Unsplash
Ernie: Ernie Zakri on Instagram