Whatcha Say? Jason Derulo Is Not His Name, It’s Actually…

Ya’ll we’ve been duped!


Okay, while it’s unheard of for celebrities to use stage names instead of their real ones – I mean, “Lady Gaga”? – this is one we didn’t see coming. Why? We’re not sure; it’s not like his name was any different on Wikipedia. But, we’re glad for the respite from news about the pandemic – take your mind off it with the fact that, for a guy who has been writing songs since high school and then singing it in almost all his songs, we’ve not been using his REAL name. If you’ve been hearing JaSon DeRuUuloOoo in your head this whole time, it’s time to change it because jokes on you, it’s WRONG.



Well, not “wrong” per se because it’s actually…



That’s right boys and girls. Jason Derulo – more like Derul-no, boy sthap – is actually…



Jason Desrouleaux was born in Florida to Haitian parents. Considering how French (alongside Creole) is Haiti’s official language, it makes sense that the Desrouleaux family name is French as well. Does the way he sing his name change now? Well, no, not really. The name “Derulo” sounds like the phonetic version of “Desrouleaux” – meaning he just simplified it to look the way it sounds. Imagine the non-French speaking part of the world trynna google and then pronounce “Desrouleaux” – he dodged a lifetime of “how do I say your name again?“‘s.


This information was first revealed by a Twitter user who tweeted –


And the reactions …


Desrouleaux himself hasn’t said anything about the recent hype over his name, but he’s been active on social media as he, like many of us, spend time at home in quarantine. But, of course, in his own way – lounging by the pool, doing TikTok challenges with girlfriend Jena Frumes and blessing us with sharing thirst traps.


Here’s an hour of him singing his name to help you digest, imagine and remember that it’s spelt “Desrouleaux” –



Once seen, it can’t be unseen folks. But, imma leave you with this tweet to ponder –