What You Need To Know About Bleaching Asian Hair

If you remember the American rock band Paramore from our emo teenage years, you’ll definitely remember Hayley Williams and her hair dyed in brilliant, vibrant colours. Word on Instagram says Hayley is back with vivid orange hair and we’re freaking out because she channels nostalgic 2009 vibes!

Us Asian girls have it pretty hard when it comes to dyeing our hair into vivid colours because no matter what, we have to bleach it first. There’s no way about it unless you’re gonna settle for generic brunette looks.

Bleaching your hair isn’t as bad as it seems, and if it’s done right, your hair won’t be ‘fried.’ Here’s what you need to know before taking the plunge into the mermaid hair life.

1. You may have to go back to your hairstylist more than once

Don’t be disappointed if your hair colour doesn’t turn out the way you want it the first time. It takes time and patience to go from raven-black hair to platinum blonde. First of all, you’ll spend hours in the hair salon, and then you may have to come back again after two weeks. This is so you don’t push your hair to it’s limit and cause it to fall out, or worse… melt off. The longer the process, the better the results!

2. There’s no such thing as low-maintenance bleached hair

Hair masks? Check. Moisturizing shampoo? Check. Conditioner? Check. Hair serum? Check. You’ll begin to invest a lot of time, money and effort in these items. Asian babes with bleached are are often broke because so much money goes into making our hair look like hair. If you skip one day of hair care, your once-luscious locks may end up looking like grass.

3. Purple shampoo will be your best friend

Asian hair is really prone to brassiness, that means your hair may turn to a strange orange shade pretty quickly, even after bleaching. Tone down that brassiness and return your hair to a cooler shade with purple shampoo as it cancels out the warm tones that are naturally present in Asian hair. Simply wash your hair with purple shampoo and leave it for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing. You can’t live without purple shampoo, honestly.

4. You may need to change up your makeup or wardrobe

Bleached hair, whether you decide to dye it blonde or another vibrant colour, will certainly give you a different vibe altogether. Some Asian girls will find that they’ll begin to look paler with bleached hair, so you’ll need to change up your makeup style to enhance your features. Try darker lipstick and contouring to enhance your face. Hey, at least you’ll slay better.

5. For a first timer, don’t try to DIY

Unless you really want to. We’re not telling you what to do here. DIY bleaching may be fun and all, but it’s best to get your hair done by an expert for a first-timer. You’ll get to know the nature of your hair and how it responds to the bleaching process/ You can’t bleach over box-dyed hair either because the dye stains your cuticles and you won’t be able to remove it. You’ll need a hairstylist to remove your previous colour first before bleaching and dyeing over it. The best hair to go for bleaching is virgin hair because it can withstand more intense bleaching and won’t damage as easily.

Bleached hair, don’t care! Remember, dying your hair back to black won’t unbleach it. Once you’ve done it, your hair will be bleached for a long time… until your virgin hair grows back, at least. Will you attempt to bleach your hair so you can go all-out with hair colours? Let us know your hair goals in the comments below!