What Type Of Boyfriend Will He Be Based On His Astrology Sign?

When we date, we subconsciously look for these signs—muscular arms, sharp jawline, flashy smile. But more than just an outside appearance, you probably need a checklist for his inner self and personality, too. Whether or not you believe in astrologies, it does not hurt to involve some astrological ‘’preferences’’ in order to find out what type of lover he will be. 

  • Aries

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He’s an Aries—the first zodiac sign in the bunch. That would make him a natural born leader, impatient and hot headed. Aries men often seem really serious, but they are actually hilarious and fun to be around. They are the type of boyfriend that will give random gifts and will be there for you through thick and thin. But they need to know you’ll be there for them, too. 

  • Taurus

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Being an Earth sign, Taurus men are generally known for being stable and down to earth, so dating a Taurus will probably be one of the most chill relationships you ever had. However, they can be stubborn at times and that might lead to arguments. But don’t worry, your Taurus boo is an absolute romantic and loyal to the core. 

  • Gemini 

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Known as ‘’the social boyfriend’’, Gemini likes to be social and be seen. He’s the type of lover that prefers going out to parties and having fun with their partner. He’s the type to hype you up and always bring excitement into your life. However, to date a Gemini man you need to have a good sense of humor, they couldn’t date someone with no personality. 

  • Cancer

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If you’re looking for a family-oriented, husband material type of man, this is the one for you. Cancers are the type of boyfriend that will talk to you on the phone all night—he’s very romantic and won’t find a problem expressing his love through poetry or some sort of art. But beware, he can be very sensitive, especially when they don’t get their way. 

  • Leo

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Though Leos are known for being bossy, they are extremely driven in everything they do. Once they put their mind to a goal, forget about anything coming in the way. Leo men are the type of boyfriend who is just as enthusiastic as you are and who isn’t afraid to match your fast pace. They’re super romantic, funny and protective. The bad side? Cocky and egoistic.

  • Virgo 

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When dating a Virgo man, it’ll most likely be a private relationship at first because Virgos are sometimes private people. But they will never let you forget how important you are to them. For some, being with a Virgo isn’t an easy task because things can be intense—they’re very straight forward people. So playing mind games won’t work with these guys. 

  • Libra

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Once you’re in a relationship with a Libra they become all about you and only you. They’re usually very romantic and loyal, too. These men are known for enjoying romance and have no difficulties expressing what their heart desires. But be cautious, Libra boyfriend can be controlling at times and you might catch him being too-over friendly with other girls. 

  • Scorpio

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Before you get into a relationship with a Scorpio, he has to get to know you first and make sure that he is able to trust you before fully committing to a relationship. But once the Scorpions trust you and let you in their life, they can be great boyfriends. He is known for his passion, but can be extremely intense and guarded—which makes it hard to fully understand him. 

  • Sagittarius

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As ‘youngest’ signs fall under the fire signs, Sagittarian can sometimes act immature or playful.  They thrive for an adventure and love trying new things with their lover. Dating a Sagittarius definitely won’t be like any other relationship you’ve had before, they will constantly make you laugh and compliments you, a lot. However, they can be very hot headed so be careful! 

  • Capricorns

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These guys are very stable, ambitious and extremely patient partners. Nobody wants their boyfriend to be an emotional roller coaster all the time, and Capricorn boyfriends do a good job of having a constant positive attitude. These men are hard workers and so, they can get stressed easily. You need to know when to give them space from time to time. 

  • Aquarius 

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The trustworthy type of boyfriend. Having a boyfriend like an Aquarius, you just know that you are in good hands and will never be conned by other people. The type of boyfriend that will always give you good advice and make you realize your mistakes. They are naturally talented, too. But they can be very cold at times and may have difficulty expressing their emotions. 

  • Pisces

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Pisces are the boyfriends that can be moody and a little defensive at times. Sometimes they also tend to get insecureyou need to constantly remind them that you’ll always have their back. Pisces boyfriend will be faithful as long as their lover is showing them enough love to make them feel whole. They will say that you’re his soul-mate if he truly feels it.

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