7 Great Ways To Position Your “Awkward” Hands In Photos

Instagram can be a complicated place. There are people who seem like they were made for the camera. The camera loves them. Pose after pose of OOTDs seem perfectly poised and ready to ‘gram the runway. Some of us aren’t so lucky. No matter how many times we pose with the same outfit, we can’t seem to get our hands to look right.

The real question is, what do you do with your hands in photos? We’ll show you seven different ways to pose with your hands in photos so you’ll know what to do and avoid the awkward ‘gram.

1. Cross one arm

Cross one arm at an almost 90 degree angle and tuck your other hand under your chin. This will make you appear relaxed and natural, about as close to a candid shot as you’ll get.

2. Put your hands loosely in your pockets

This will make you look especially edgy. Put one or both hands into your pockets and you can either look into the camera or look to the side. Just don’t put them all the way into your pockets or they’ll distort the shape of your clothes. Simply tuck part of your hands in your pockets. Is there a better way to showcase a dress with pockets? I don’t think so!

3. Let your arms hang loose

Put one foot in front of the other and let your arms hang loose – just doing their thing. Remember to keep your shoulders back so you don’t look like you’re hunched over. The key here is to relax your arms. When you have one foot in front of the other, you’ll look like you’re walking. Accidental OOTD much? You’re just really good at posing for pictures.

4. Place one hand on your hip

You can try placing both hands on your hips but if it doesn’t look natural somehow, try doing the same pose with just one hand. Let your other hand hang loose or clutch at your bag. If you have a short torso, place your hands a little lower than your hip to make it appear longer.

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5. Cling onto your purse/ bag like it’s a clutch

Keeping your hands occupied really works in photos. It appears as though you have a purpose in your OOTD. You don’t need to cling onto your purse for dear life. Simply hold it in a moderately firm way in front of you. It’s also an Instagram-worthy way to show off your bag too!

6. If you have a cup or a drink, hold onto it.

The key here is to occupy your hands. When in doubt, always give them something to do. You can either hold your drink casually to one side or clutch it with both hands. Nothing makes an OOTD look more atas than a Starbucks cup.

7. Fix your hair

Pretend you’re fixing your hair when you pose for pics. This will give your hands something seemingly natural to do and avoid all the awkwardness. Even just reaching up and tucking your hair behind your ear helps!

Bonus mention: Do the ‘Balance For Better’ Pose

In celebration of International Women’s Day, join us and other amazing women, and men to support the movement towards better gender-balanced communities. Simply put up your hands and pose away! Include the hashtags #iwd19my and #BalanceForBetter so we can see and repost your entries.