What To Do If You Hate Your Best Friend’s Boo

As much as you would love to magically vanish your best friend’s boyfriend that you despise so much into thin air, it is essential that you know, this guy is the love of her life. And she is your dearest friend in the whole wide world, if not sister from another mother.

So even if you hate him for numerous reasons (there’s just something about that dude that kind of gets into your skin) you have to remember that you have to be supportive no matter what. That’s just fact and responsibility that comes with being a best friend.

If you’re having major issues with your best friend’s new beau and need some help dealing with this sensitive issue, you my friend, have come to right place! Here are some ways you can make peace with your BFF’s boyfriend before any unwanted mishap take place.

1. Take a step back to analyse your friendship

You want to make sure that this isn’t you being bias of your friend’s relationship or that you’re jealous of her new relationship. If you are single, the thought of your best friend having someone new in her life could project some green monster feeling. Be honest and have a clear understanding on this situation. If it’s true that you’re feeling a little left out, talk it out and let your best friend know how you’re feeling.

2. Make the effort to know the guy

He may seem clingy and oh so bossy but that’s probably because you haven’t had the chance to know him better. Maybe he isn’t good with first impressions! If he’s cold and quiet towards you, he could just be shy. Make a little more effort in getting to know him. Find out what he likes from your best friend, for example, having lunch at his favourite cafe. However, if even after making an effort to know each other and he still gets into your nerves, at least you know that you tried. Settle for what you get because at the end of the day, if he makes your friend happy, you shouldn’t drive him away.

3. Zip your mouth 

It can be tempting to vent to a third party especially when negative feelings for your friend’s significant other is reaching its peak. You have to remember that it’s not your relationship and venting it out to another friend will only cause more drama. One wrong move could easily backfire and you might end up on the outside of the relationship. Unless your best friend comes crying to you over something bad that her boyfriend has done, you might just want to hold your tongue and keep your distance.

4. Have some girl time 

You don’t have to be third wheeling all the time if you really don’t want to. Schedule a girls only date with your best friend. That way, you’ll get to keep her all to yourself without having her annoying boyfriend’s arm around her – at least for few hours. It’s all about having that right balance.

5. Speak up only if the guy is bad news 

You know it in your heart that you want nothing but the best for your sister from different mother and father. But if this guy is seriously toxic and you feel the need to let her know, tell her gently. Tell her how you feel but not in an opinionated way. You have to be factual or she’ll just dismiss it as you over-reacting to her relationship. Let her know first how much you care about her and the state the problem. But if she insists that there’s nothing wrong, don’t push it. Just let her know that you’ll support her choices in life and you’ll be there with chocolates and booze whenever things go salty. After all, what are best friend’s for aye!