What To Do If A Condom Gets Stuck Inside Of You

Just when you’re in steamy position, you noticed something weird. UH-OH, WHERE’S THE CONDOM?

Losing a condom inside you is not something unheard of. When you’re in the heat of the moment we tend to lose track or forget about things like the condom your partner had on that isn’t there anymore.

Sometimes, we can take days before realizing something isn’t right inside of them because a condom doesn’t give out a foul smell or infection over time like tampons do.

So what do you do when a condom is stuck in you? Pinch it out with your fingers! 

Relax, breathe calmly and lie down while trying to use your fingers to pinch it out. The last thing you need is hard and clenched muscles down there when you’re trying to fish for that condom.’

Get wet with your partner 

if your partner is still around when you realize it’s in you, get him to make you aroused as the moisture down there may just make it easier to get it out, if you are alone you could try using some lube so you can get your finger in deeper if it’s necessary.

Best to seek professional help

If all else fails, do visit a doctor and seek professional help. This is a pretty common mess so there’s absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about!