We Asked Malaysians What They Really Think Of Period Sex

What do you think about period sex? For some, the words ‘sex’ and ‘period’ should not be in the same sentence but for others, they may find it quite pleasurable.

Let’s be honest, period sex can be super messy and not everyone is comfortable with having sex while their vagina is bleeding like a waterfall. Plus, those bed-sheets aren’t going to clean themselves!

But last year, Los Angelas-based photographer, Nolwen Cifuentes, released a powerful series of three queer couples having sex on their periods, smashing the taboo surrounding period intercourse activities.

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Nolwen said she was inspired to create the period sex photo series after finding out how sensitive the topic was among her friends, saying, “They were pretty grossed out by the concept of period sex. When I mentioned that I do it with my partner, they didn’t even realise this was something some couples do. I felt pissed off about it at first and I decided to channel this feeling into a photo series.”

She continued to PinkNews, “I wanted to photograph only women as I thought it would feel safer and sweeter somehow. I’ve recently come out and these queer series are a way to express my sexuality.

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Well this is cool! I spoke with @vice about having sex on periods and my photo series on it. Forever grateful to the beautiful women who were down to shoot this with me. Link in bio.

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With the stigma on period sex is still strong in Asia, we asked Malaysians — both ladies and men, what they think about this bloody ordeal.

1. Period sex is tiring AF 

2. Just do it…In the bathroom! 

3. When romance meets horror 

4. Is it really fun? 

5. Not judging but it’s WEIRD 

6. But it’s just blood?

7. It ain’t clean..

8. Au naturale lube!  

Disgusting? Dirty? Unhygienic? Contrary to what most of us believe, study has shown that there are tons of benefits you can get from having period sex. This includes helping with period cramps, increasing your sex drive, can act as a natural lubricant as well as shorten your period time.

What do you think about period sex? Is it a yes or a big NO? Let us know in the comments section below!