5 M’sian Influencers Respond To The Tax Income Implementation

Being an influencer is now more than just posting pictures and getting followers on social media. For some, this has become a serious profession in which they could earn a pretty decent living through these platforms. In fact, one can earn up to five to six figure incomes a month. Talk about luxury!

Last week, Harian Metro reported that internet celebrities who earns more RM 5,000 a month from paid reviews, sponsored content or online business on social media will have to pay income tax. This includes influencers below the age of 18.

Reason behind this is — since the above activities can generate income and has been classified as a profession, hence the need to be taxed. Curious, we decided to ask around and see what some of the most popular local social media starlets think about this issue.

Angel Ang 

Danielle Chong

Sara Amelia Bernard

She added, “For example, if the influencer is based in Singapore, he or she would not be taxable under the Malaysia tax regime.”

Maira Elizabeth 

Yi Ling Lim 

She has a fair point here.

This might be hard news for some, especially if they’re seeking to grow their number of followers and reviews. If you are affected, it’s time to visit LHDN’s office to seek advise on how to declare your earnings and calculate your taxes.