What Happens When You Break Up With Your BFF

We often think of a breakup as ending one’s romantic relationship… but best friends break up too, it just doesn’t get as much spotlight as cutting off romantic relationships.

Ariana Grande didn’t dare sing “Break up with your best friend, ’cause I’m bored.” Wanna know why? Breaking up with your BFF is ten times more heartbreaking than breaking up with your boyfriend.

BFF – best friend’s forever, but what if all the good times were too good to be true?

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1. It will be difficult to trust anyone

Personally, I’ve broken up with one best friend and two close friends, so like, it was pretty difficult to let other people into my secret circle. We “broke up” because they didn’t like my boyfriend. In retrospect, they probably felt replaced but when your girl’s got a boyfriend, you need to step back and let her make the decisions. At first, it will be difficult to find someone you can confide in, so take some time to care for yourself and nurse your soul back to health.

2. It can get awkward if you have mutual friends

Well, hell. Despite being broken up as best friends, you’ll still have mutual friends who will either know or not know what’s going on. It really depends on the situation. You can hang out with your mutual friends separately, but never backstab your ex-best friend. Sure, she could do the same to you, but don’t stoop to the lowest level yet. Otherwise, if you don’t have much beef, just hang out together with your mutual squad. It’s better if your squad knows the situation so they can handle the awkward tension between you and your ex-BFF.

3. You will find new best friends, but you’ll remember who was once your BFF

Even if you’re really terrible at making friends, you’ll definitely find someone to be your new best friends. It just takes several years. The important thing is not to get a rebound best friend – like a complete stranger instead of someone you can really click with. Go out, and meet someone new. Message that Twitter mutual who’s photos you’ve been retweeting. There will be a new BFF out there for you. You just gotta find her. It’s difficult to forget your ex-BFF when you were both so attached at the hip, so don’t try to forget her. Instead, accept that she played an important part in your life and cherish all the good times.

4. You may reconcile but friendship won’t be the same any more

If Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton could reconcile after their public friendship breakup eons ago, then regular people like us probably can too. It only takes time, forgiving and forgetting. If the issue that caused the feud is a petty one, then the wounds will heal easier. One of you may need to apologize but you don’t need to get pressured into reconciliation. It’s better to accept that you won’t rekindle the same spark in your friendship than to force it.

5. People will ask you “what happened?”

It’s inevitable. People will membawang and ask you what happened between you and your ex-bestie. It’s just human nature. You can’t avoid it and it may bring back a flood of old memories you don’t want to remember right now. So, let’s take a leaf out of Nicole Richie’s best friend book, when asked about her former co-star on The Simple Life and ex-BFF Paris Hilton.

“The short answer to this is, I haven’t spoken to her in a while, but we are very good friends. I love her and I love her family. I have a lot of respect for her.” – Nicole Richie

Best friends can break up in many ways; sometimes, you fight, and other times, you just outgrow each other. Don’t let this break up define you, darling. Have you broken up with your best friend? Tell us your story in the comments below.