What Does Your Favourite Raya Cookie Say About Your Personality?

One of the best parts of Raya is the endless jars of Raya cookies! But do you know what does your favourite Raya cookie say about you? Now think of your all-time favourite cookie that you can binge on and scroll down to see what sweet thang’ you’re all about!

1. Almond London – You’re Classy AF 

Source: Thesweetspot

Is this your all-time favourite cookie? If so, you’re a super classy soul just like this classic sweet treat. People tend to think that they know you well because you of the way you carry yourself . But once they’ve gotten to know you, they’ll be surprised with your layered personality. You’re more than meets the eye and that’s why people kept coming back for more!

2. Peanut Butter Cookie –  The Straight-Forward 

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Source: Rawangpost

Peanut butter cookies are usually not a ‘want’ but a must-have at open houses. You always expect to it, plus it’s the easiest cookie to make. Just like this cookie, you’re a straight-forward person. What you see is what you get!

3. Semperit – You’re A Traditional, Elegant Lady 

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Source: ResepiMY

Simple yet elegant. You’re usually the wise one among your friends. Not only that, you base your decisions on traditions and value that you hold on to growing up. Even if you seem like you’ve got everything in control, at times you break down. Sometimes, it’s okay to wear your emotions on your sleeve!

4. Pineapple Tarts – The Hardworking Bae

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Source: El Mundo Eats

Literally, you have to work really hard to savour the sweetness of this cookie. That shows a lot about who you are as a person. You don’t mind breaking a sweat! Because of that impressive trait, you always make leave your name everywhere you go.

5. Honey Cornflakes – Queen of Shortcuts 

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You live by the phrase ‘Work smart, not hard’. You’ll find ways to cut down your work yet make it seem extravagant. Besides that, you’re pretty easy and adaptable, making you a crowd pleaser!