What Do You Do Your On Your Wedding Night? This Is The Most Anxious Moment For Couples!

Weddings are both fun and draining. You spend a lot of your time leading up to it choosing the perfect dress, the right flowers and the best hair and makeup options.  You choose the venue, who to invite, where they should sit and what they will eat. You decide how many layers your cake is going to be and what your first dance is going to be to. However, in the back of your mind, you know that the day is just as important as the night. Because while you talk about your wedding day with those around you, you only have yourself for your wedding night. How do you get ready for it?

Change what you think a “wedding night” is 


We’re lead to believe that our wedding night is this magical, crazy, romantic, sensual moment where two bodies become one but the truth of the matter is – you’ll probably be too drained to even want to get it on. And if you’re too tired for foreplay, sex isn’t going to be as great as it can be. So if you choose to have your ‘wedding night’ the day after as well, that’s perfectly fine! You’ll still be able to do it on your wedding bed and you’ll be well-rested. But, if you feel like you have to do it the night of, it’s best to spend some time building the anticipation in the moments leading up to your wedding night.


  • Hold back from having sex for a few weeks before the wedding – If you’ve already slept with your soon to be husband, abstain for a little while. Because you both know each other intimately, abstaining can increase the pleasure of your wedding night. This way, there’s no pressure to try something new to spice up the night, abstinence is enough for it to seem like you’re both new and fresh at it. After all, absence makes the heart fonder.
  • Spend your wedding flirting with each other – Weddings have become more of a time to take pictures as well as mingle with friends and family you haven’t seen in a while. In between that and the hundreds of other details, it’s easy to get so caught up that you and your husband are distant throughout. At the end of the day, this can create awkwardness and space between you two that you don’t want on your wedding night. So take the time to hold hands, look into each other’s eyes, share a few stolen kisses, whisper all the things you want to do to each other that night, share a few extra kisses and build the excitement for your night together.



Set the mood

After a whole day of being in the centre of attention in a crowded room, being alone in a room with no one but your partner can be overwhelming. Instead of letting the difference consume you both, there are steps to ensure that – from the moment you both step into the room for your wedding night – the intimacy is one that bathes you in passionate light. Light some candles and…


  • Choose the right scent – Don’t take this for granted – scents can stimulate certain memories, emotions and moods and, the right scent can put you both in an instant state of arousal. Whether you choose to go with the classic scent of fresh flowers or with your favourite scented candles, don’t leave this out of your wedding night. You can also choose to have essential oils diffused before you enter – ylang-ylang, sandalwood and lavender are known to increase arousal and sexual desire. That being said, you could also just opt to splash on a bit of that perfume he loves. Nothing better than to set partner’s passion on fire than the scent of the one he/she is most attracted to (i.e. you)
  • Choose the right music – If you have a playlist that both of you love, set it so that the music is playing when you enter the room. Of course, this music should be romantic, sensual and just what you need to get into the right headspace for you to simply let go and enjoy the night. If you’re unsure of what to play, you can always look up playlists curated for wedding nights or simply nights for sensual play.
  • Choose the right look –  You’d want to keep it simple – and this can go a long way. If lingerie isn’t your style, opt for a thin, almost see-through dress to tease what lies underneath. If you’d feel more confident in an intricate lace piece, go ahead and rock that! The basic rule is that you should opt for something straightforward and easy to unbutton. Besides, after the abstinence from sex and fliting all day long, the last thing your partner is going to think about is what you’re wearing.



Go slow

Enjoy the moment. Sure, it will be simple enough to recreate the same scene in your day to day lives but it won’t be the same. After all, you want your wedding night to be unforgettable because it’s so special. Appreciate each other and the fact that you are now together and take things slow (you do have your whole lives ahead of you).


  • Take a shower – Relax. Wash away all the tension and stress from the day and refresh your mind, body and heart for the night to come.
  • Talk – Talk to each other. Connect on an emotional and mental level before connecting on a physical level. Share how the day made you feel, share your excitement for being together, your love for your partner and your appreciation for them.
  • Cuddle – Don’t underestimate the power of just holding each other. Hugs are simple and easy to dish out. From there, it’s an easy tilt of the head for a kiss and then…. the night is yours to enjoy.




*Original article by Amira Razali on Dhia
*Cover image credits-
Bigger: Photo by Andreas Rønningen on Unsplash
Couple back: Photo by Fernanda Prado on Unsplash