Breathe Deeply To Refresh Your Mind & Lose Weight

Experiencing stress and anxiety? Deep breathing can help you deal with that.

When you’re worried, upset or anxious, your heart beats faster which could make you feel dizzy as blood rushes to your heart and brain. This is because of your sympathetic nervous system also known as “fight or flight response”. An effective way to handle stress is to turn on the vagus nerve (which powers up the parasympathetic nervous system) by breathing deeply. This will turn on the vagus nerve just enough for it to act as a brake on the stress response.

But deep breathing can do more than just relieving stress. Here are five reasons why we should practice deep breathing:

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1. Weight loss 

Deep breathing brings more oxygen into our lungs and this delivers more oxygen to our heart. Hence, increasing our cardiovascular capacity and the amount of oxygen delivered to our cells. Just like aerobic exercise, deep breathing can keep our cells in an aerobic state that encourages the burning of fat. Deep breathing also improves blood circulation and tones the abdominal muscles.

2. Relaxation 

As mentioned above, the parasympathetic nervous system controls our fight and flight response. Deep breathing distracts the system to neutralize stress and gives a calm feeling.

3. Detoxify 

The lymphatic system is responsible for getting rid of toxins and flushing out waste from our immune system. Although, it does not have its own built-in pump unlike the heart. Breathing and bodily movement helps the toxins to move and detoxify.

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4. Mental clarity

Since slow deep breaths trigger the release of endorphins to produce a calming effect, when we’re experiencing mental chatter, take deep breaths. This helps us to re-center and focus our mind to the present moment.

5. Reduces pain 

When we’re in pain, it’s natural for us to hold our breath. But breathing through the pain can actually help to ease our pain as more oxygen will be generated through the flow of blood. This will cause our brain to release endorphins which decreases the levels of pain.

One way to practice deep breathing is through yoga. So spread that mat and listen to Fly X while you breathe out your stress.