Wet Your Beauty Blender Before Use To Save Money & Makeup

There’s just something about beauty blenders that we love. It is one of the best tools used to dab our face to look absolutely flawless. Not to mention, an even finish. However, if used incorrectly, beauty blenders can poke a hole through your wallet!

Here’s the one thing that not many are aware of – Wet your beauty blender before use! 

Save money & product  

According to the brand, Beauty Blender, you should always dampen the sponge before using it. This ensures that your makeup won’t be absorbed, which in turn use less makeup waste. The logic behind this is that wet sponge only absorbs a small amount of product. Try taking an old blender and cut it open, you’ll see that the outside will still be covered in the foundation but the inside, pink and perfect.

For a more flawless application 

Using a damp beauty blender makes the product application way easier. It helps the foundation to blend in more smoothly on your skin, giving you an even, streak-free finish. This technique is even better used on dry skin as it helps to moisturise your face.

Just be sure to squeeze the sponge well, as too much water can dilute the product. No one wants that!

Keeps your beauty blender clean 

Since you’re using the makeup sponge almost every day, it can be dirty after some time. Imagine having dried out foundation, concealers and powders sticking in the sponge? Hellooo bacteria!

However, by wetting your beauty blender before using it, the product can’t seep deep down into the sponge because it’s already full of water.

Now you know the right way to use makeup sponges, the next time you use it, remember to wet & squeeze it dry for a gorgeous, glowy finish!