5 Weird Makeup Remover Alternatives — Like Body Lotion & Yogurt

Oops, you did it again!

You’ve ran out of makeup remover and now you’re just staring in the mirror thinking, how on earth are you going to remove those layers of makeup on your face? Never mind the foundation and lipstick, you’re more worried of the mascara clumps on your lashes. Water and soap isn’t going to save you! Pretty sure you don’t want to sleep in your makeup because that’ll only destroy your beautiful face with breakouts, clogged pores and possible eye infections.

Well lucky for you, there are alternatives for you to use in case of emergencies like this. Here are unconventional makeup removers that’s super effective at getting even the most stubborn eyeliners off.

1. Coconut Oil 

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Good ol’ coconut oil, not only does it smell great but it’s cheaper than cleansing wipes and in store-bought makeup remover. You will only need a few tiny drops of oil on a cotton pad to remove your heavy mascara and kiss-proof lipstick. Coconut oil works wonderfully on your skin, making it clearer and produce less wrinkles. Besides, it also keeps the lashes moisturised and voluminous!

2. Body Lotion 

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You may be thinking, WHAT? Body lotion for the face? Well, considering this isn’t going to be something that you will use everyday, it will be fine. It’s a lot better than sleeping with your makeup, anyway. Best to use baby lotion if you are worried of the lotion being to harsh for your skin. If not, any body lotion will do. Pump the lotion onto a cotton pad and wipe away!

3. Petroleum Jelly 

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This inexpensive jelly comes in a small tub but it’s very handy when it comes to beauty. One of it is to remove makeup! Made out of various waxes and mineral oil that melts at body temperature and retains moisture, petroleum jelly can also be used on waterproof products.

4. Hair Oil 

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Be it baby oil or Argan oil, you can use it to effectively use as a makeup remover. Specifically with Argan oil, which really absorbs into the skin and leaves no greasy residue. Plus, it’s super moisturising too!

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Not only is it yummy to eat but strangely, it can also remove makeup! People have been using yogurt to create masks because it will not only remove impurities on your face but leaves your skin feeling soft as well. FYI — use plain, unsweetened yogurt and not the fruity flavoured kind. Simply dip a cotton ball into a bowl of yogurt, wipe it all over your face, wait for a few seconds then rinse well with cold water.