We Tried Facebook’s Dating App & It’s Still Pretty Lonely

Introducing Facebook’s newest addition — Facebook Dating — a courting feature that’s parked under FB’s menu tab.

Move along Tinder, because there’s a new app for you to score some cuties. That’s right, Facebook has expanded its online dating service to Malaysia! Countries from Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines, Brazil, Peru and Chile will also be privileged enough to enjoy this feature.

According to Facebook App’s head, Fidji Simo, “With all the changes we are making to Facebook communities, you’ll come to Facebook not just to connect with people you already know, but also to find people you might want to know – maybe even ‘the one’.”

Facebook Dating account is totally separated from your personal profile 

But if your main concern is people finding out that you are on a dating app, don’t worry because your dating profile is completely separated from your main profile.

Select up to nine crushes from your Facebook friends! 

Another interesting tool by this app is the ‘Secret Crush’ feature. This allows you to choose up to nine of your Facebook friends whom you have crushes on. So, if any of your crushes are on the app, they’ll be notified that someone has a crush on them and if your crush adds you as their Secret Crush, it’ll be a match!

But is anybody brave enough to add their friends into that crush list?

FYI, Likely created an account on Secret Crush, but..

UGH we’ve been trying all day long but this is what our profile looks like. EMPTY!

At the time of writing, the dating feature seems to be pretty faulty when our editor tried it. First, she set up her profile details such as gender preference and all, but she wasn’t able to connect with anyone even after 2 hours. So out curiosity, we decided to opt for “Open All” in the  “Interested In” segment to see if any of our names pop up on each other’s profile. NOTHING.

Where’s everybody at? Update your Facebook app right now because it’s pretty lonely in here.



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